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How To Set Up Android ADB & Fastboot On Windows [Tutorial]. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, while Fastboot stands for, well, Fastboot. Without going into too many technical details (trust me you don’t want technical details), let’s just say they are two command-line tools used when modding/hacking Android phones.

You need ADB and Fastboot if you are one of those people that like to mod/hack your Android phone. While many mods/hacks are now becoming more main-stream-user friendly with GUIs (i.e. they no longer require users to use ADB or Fastboot), there are still times when users need to use ADB and/or Fastboot. (Anyone with a Google Nexus One or Nexus S knows what I mean.) While you may not necessarily ever use ADB or Fastboot (depends on what phone you have, and the type of developer support it gets), it is always nice to have them installed when the time comes that you do need them.
Installing ADB and Fastboot Drivers If you want to communicate with your Android Device via your PC then your PC must have ADB (Android Direct Bridge) and Fastboot drivers installed.

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26 Replies to “How to Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers in 2 Minutes in Windows”

  1. Im trying to unlock bootloader on my xperia m5 i did like u said and it says "Waiting for devices…." forever, any fix ?

  2. it doesn't work with me after installing the adb and the drivers, i open cmd and type fastboot or adb version, and the cmd tell me that it is not recognized command! 🙁

  3. After disconnecting my phones from a third party provider using the sprint network both my Galaxy s2 and s4 are stuck in boot loops. Is there a free program which will access my phone in safe mode using my PC (Windows10) to get my pictures from the phones before I factory reset them.

  4. Is anyone gna show me that or they just gna keep doing the same videos on shit i already know ffs, one thing after another

  5. well that is fucking bullshit cos iv'e clicked run as administrator 5 times, iv'e clicked y y y 5 times and then iv'e tried getting on it so i can get to the press any key to continue  bit but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it goes back to the do you want to install ADB and then i have to click y y y AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes of course you fucking dumbass, of course i want to fucking install ADB and the other shit, you've asked me the same question five fucking times, what more do you want me to do FFS, Why are computers so retarded, im fucking sick of this shit

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