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In this video I show you how you can install any game on android phones using its OBB and apk files in under one minute!

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46 Replies to “How to install any game using OBB and Apk file in 1 minute on Android!”

  1. Thank you free fire game is working I search many videos but not a single video work but you are video is best

  2. This shit's so complicated on the S9, they hide the shit out of any files from Chrome in what I think is an attempt at getting you to use the oem browser

  3. Thankyou it worked for me. Only problem is I can't manage files on my fire 10 [such as create directories or decompress .zip files] but if I plug it into usb port on my desktop pc file management possible. Thankyou again simple and effective!

  4. 0:34 wrong, not copy folder, but extract it.

    If anyone have problem, try follow this guide

  5. In my phone it asks me – do you want to download over cellular connection.based on your data plan? This may cost you money
    Plz help

  6. I'm trying to get the game Dragon Quest Viii but whenever I do the steps it stays on a white loading screen. Could you try and test it out?

  7. it works but it does not work correctly the game opens it but at the moment of linking it the exsisting account closes or gives me 5-figure error xxxxx

  8. I have a galaxy s9, and I'm trying to play infinity blade 1, what steps would I need to take in order to be able to play it?

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