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Learn how to easily install .apk files on the Galaxy S9 step by step with new unknown sources locations which has moved. Will also work on other devices running Android 8.0 Oreo as well and above.




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21 Replies to “How to Install apk files on the Galaxy S9 with new Unknown Sources step by step”

  1. Thank you but the difficulty I'm having is how can I download an app now that unknown source has been replaced by unknown app

  2. Im trying to find out what is this "CONFIG AK" All I hear is nothing! Can Anyone tell Me what is this "CONFIG AK" APP? I am having CRAZY POP UPS CONSTANTLY! THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! So I'm going everywhere on here trying to find out how to Stop them! Anyone have any Help??!!

  3. I see them but I see NO way to place these apk files on the phone (s9+) So the ONLY way I know how to do this is to place these apk files on the SD card and then install from the SD card. Stupid way of doing it I know but thats they way it will work. I like Angry Birds 2 but it takes an OBB file so how do I put the obb file on the phone?

  4. Can you help?
    When I go into "Install unknown apps", I only see 4 of my apps, and the only option I have is to show system apps, which shows 2 system apps. None of it is what I want.
    In the video, and in all the tutorials I find, everyone always sees every app they have, I don't. I need to enablethis for a specific app, and I can't.

    Edit: forgot to mention, I have a Razer Phone, not an S9. Should still be the same though.

    Edit 2: Actually, It might be the app itself. Not sure though

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