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Here is a quick tutorial how to install any apk on you android wear watch via your mobile device on android.
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32 Replies to “How to install apk on Android Wear with phone”

  1. I am not able to install, app crashes after i touch apk (my phone is rooted and all i have done as per your instructions)

  2. thanks for the video. just wanted to add that this all works still EXCEPT, make sure you turn on developer mode on the phone first then you can be a developer in wear os app!!

  3. Aww can i see minecraft and pocketmine server 🙃 btw nice video maybe i make wear games some day.. if i have money for watch 🤗

  4. Dang it was going perfectly until it i realized i needed root which i dont have and have no idea how to set up on my device so im out of luck😭

  5. This is just what I need but it's out of date now, any chance of an updated video for current devices and software. Thanks

  6. I was able to follow all your steps right up to the point where you went to android wear on your phone. It doesn't give me the debugging over bluetooth option in setting on android wear. Please help

  7. It keeps saying "failed" and that I didn't enable debugging on my app, even though I already did. I did everything like you said and it still said that. I have the same watch as you

  8. it works with LG G Watch W100? Adb debugging with computer don't work it says ''usb not recognized'' I know,i know,you have to install the drivers..blablabla,but I fail on the install and when I want to delete i can't delete all the things that ''adb'' installed,but with this I can install BOCHS because BOCHS runs 4.1+ And my smartwatch is 6.0.1,but I don't have the victory yet,I have to test,Thank You if you answer my question

  9. so I did everything you told us… but every time the app is going to install the apk, it fails. everything it's enabled, I clicked OK and nothing.

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