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In this video, sakitech will show you how to download and install the latest version of fastboot and adb on your Windows PC. This method guarantees that you always have the latest version of fastboot and adb running on your Windows PC for the purposes for unlocking and rooting your smartphone.


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41 Replies to “How to Install FASTBOOT and ADB on your Windows PC”

  1. @sakitech sir, how to just unlock an s8 plus phone? my friend just found one on the bushes after there was an incedent 100km away from the local road. he wanted to use a phone because he had only a cheap one bought bought in a local area. hope to see your reply if you have time. hope there's a link to follow instructions i'm just visiting my friend weekly to catch up things in his farm. thank you. 🙏💪

  2. reposing this to help others. Originally posted by Hejar Khalid:

    Download this file, and skip straight to 3:50

  3. 2:35 Clicking on "android" does nothing but briefly open a cmd prompt that almost instantly closes. I have Java installed. Fail.

  4. Thanks so much for the help. A lot of others are advising people to use websites with a bunch of viruses to dl from

  5. So, Google changed its SDK offering quite a bit. After some searching, I found this thread to find a WIN installer package for Android SDK r24.4.1 — The link for the SDK download is direct from Google servers, here: I hope I haven't broken form by posting these links. It's just that I found them helpful for being able to follow the instructions in this video, and hope I can help someone else. With this SDK installed, I was able to then follow this video from about 2:34.

  6. I opened the android.bat file with Notepad and found this:
    For command-line tools, use




    I am a neophyte with this stuff, trying to revive a bricked moto g4+, so I don't know what to do next.

  7. Hallow Sir how are you.
    Sir the problem is that my phone is off and usb dubbing is off also so my phone is not starting .
    That’s why I want to unlock my bootloader .
    And I want to install new rom

  8. I tried and when I downloaded it, it showed something completely different. I downloaded it, it came out as a zip file. I unzipped it, it came up as a bunch of folders. I clicked the Android program, and it showed up a command window then quickly closed. It didn't give me the option to download sdk manager, idk what I did wrong. I followed it step by step

  9. i have installed everything have shown and used the 7zip program to install it. that is where things mess up, when i double click the android icon in the tools folder a window pops up for 1second and closes and then nothing else happens . i believe i need to go into cmd prompt codes but i dont know how to do that. looking for help.

  10. i have an nokia x device .it keeps on restarting again and again .i tryed to format but the problem still just stays good for 2 min after that it restarts me anyone .

  11. for me it said open in powershell, not command prompt, so i manually got to the folder in command prompt using cd commands

  12. Very very very useful video . Love this video actually I was very confused about ADB and fastboot driver . Thank you very much this is a very helpful for me

  13. when I click it (may because of the recent update there is no android thing to click on but there is a android.bat file but when I click that nothing shows up. please help asap

  14. Use this link to download if you're having issues. I tried everything and only got this to link to get it working!

  15. hi.I did all the steps as you have done but I have a problem with my ZukZ2 Pro (128GB) . I have accidentally deleted all the folders and subfolders from my Zuk Z2 pro Device with my Laptop. The reason was because I had some Trojans, I wanted to remove and no antivirus or security app did help. Now as I rebooted my Device, it stays with the Zuk Booting display and nothing happend unless it restarted and comes back to the same section every 20 minutes or something. I did install platform tools and did create the folder which you show in the Video, but unfortanetly because my phone does not boot, I can not go and activate the "USB debogging mode" anymore. The phone internal memory is also somehow in read only mode or something, so I can not move anything on it or even create a new folder. In fast boot mode screen on my phone is everything white but not "Fastboot mode" and "Device state- locked" is also red. Do you have some tipps please. Unfortanetly there is no service center for it here in Europe , so I have to repare it myself.

  16. Very very clear explanation! Finally I can install it on my computer. For those who unable to run android.bat, just download/update JAVA. It solves my problem. Thanks, mate!

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