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Google recently changed it’s “Android ADT Bundle” or “Android SDK Tools” to “Android Studio“.

In this video, I’ll show you how to install fastboot and adb using the new “Android Studio” without actually having to download the large 828 MB studio package, which you don’t need. This tutorial is for Windows PC’s


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26 Replies to “How to Install FASTBOOT and ADB using Android Studio on Windows PC”

  1. 1. WHY on earth do you say you are going to show how to use android studio and THEN proceed to say, not don't use that, use this other thing which refuses to run on my computer)?

  2. thanks a lot for this video. I actually downloaded "" which is available in I found fastboot.exe under platform-tools folder, but adb.exe was found under "platform-tools.backup" folder. and adb works under ths

  3. Fuck I hate this stuff. All I want to do is transfer a simple .APK file from my computer to my Nvidia Shield to sideload an app, and after hours of confusing internet research I still can't figure out how to do this…

  4. I have tried several times to download the zip file but about a minute and a half into the download it fails in says network error. Any suggestions?

  5. I keep getting stuck at the fastboot devices part.

    When I typed in adb reboot bootloader, the screen goes dark, a blue led lights up instead of the usual green, red or orange. I get that exclamation mark at the device manager and no matter how many times i try to update the inf file, it tells me error installing it.

    yes I did click always allow rsa key from this computer

  6. Dude how did you set the order of what's ur saying?
    U copy and paste stuff and folders and file u've never talked about before. Where did u get that file? What is that folder? U also didn't mention anything about the programms needed to work out all this crap.

  7. When you say right clic+ shift to open with comand windows. I don't have comand windows but "Visual studio". My phone is brick well I need help thank you

  8. hii frnd i have p3100 my phone problem is that its restarting in every 1 min i have tried factory reset
    , wipe all data , almost everythings again all data my photo n videos are back like ghost

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