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Install Genymotion in MacOS. Genymotion is a complete set of tools that provides a virtual environment for Android. It can be very useful for developers, testers, salesman or even gamers. #genymotion #install #MacOS

It is available for most operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is as simple to install as powerful to use:
Follow the simple install process, choose one of our Android virtual devices, start it, and enjoy it!

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26 Replies to “How to Install Genymotion in MacOS”

  1. Be nice if they fix what they broke during their latest update. For me on El Captian Geny just opens and closes. I do wonder why it doesn't come with Google play. It would make total common sense to include this since most developers actually require it during testing.

  2. can't open the application genymotion because is it not supported in this type of mac… What happen guys? my mac version is 10.6.8

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