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How to Install Lightroom Presets – the SIMPLE way!

If you prefer written instructions –

Need help with the best way to install Lightroom presets?

You just got some sweet new Lightroom presets and you’re all pumped! But now…the hard part. How do you install Lightroom presets? The good news for you is…it’s super simple – but you have to follow the steps or you might have some problems.

This video will show you everything you need to know to be able to easily install your Lightroom presets and get you editing in no time!

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46 Replies to “How to Install Lightroom Presets – the SIMPLE way!”

  1. I feel bad using presets. I feel like I'm stealing someone else's work. Does anyone else feel that way??

  2. When I click to add a new folder under presets it doesn’t give me a option to create a new folder…. any advise?

  3. Hey, my mom wants me to install presets for her on her laptop but they are in PNG and JPEG is there anyway to get them to work or no?

  4. Thanks Alot For This Guidance But I Want To Ask You Something How To Download Presets Please Answer Me!
    I Am Waiting For Your Reply!!!!!

  5. Hello Cole. This video has been my GoTo anytime I needed a refresher on how to install presets after getting a new computer or new presets. Wonderfully Easy. Thank You! However… now that LR has been upgraded to the New Lightroom Classic CC… Your instructions no longer work. Could you please consider a new Tutorial? PLEASE!

  6. does it matter if after I import the presets in lightroom, delete the whole folder with the presets from my pc? does light room "read" the presets from there? or it "copies" them to its system – folder?

  7. why is my + sign grayed out? No idea how to add them. I tried putting them in develop folder and got the converting to xml notification. But still nothing in presets under develop tab in lightroom

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