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This video will show you how to install the Android SDK on your PC. I try and keep everything simple for everyone! Any questions, please ask!

Android sdk:

If SDK manager doesn’t open, download and install this:

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49 Replies to “How to install the Android SDK, ADB and Fastboot on your PC”

  1. When i type it in cmd
    C:Userlawrence>adb it says adb is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file please help

  2. Hi my sdk download tool is not working .java download is not download in my android plz tell me website and download java tool

  3. hello I have a tablet ms 908 (arm cortex A9 quad 1.4 android 4.0.1exynos) in infinite reboot, I have sent from the house the files recovery for the sd, but this seems to be that it deletes my internal folder, one in particular, that interesting, the architecture is samsung exynos without possibility of entering fastboot with buttons, has no volume button. Is there a possibility to slow down the bootloop to recover the folder? the architecture is similar to odroid .com.
    thanks greetings

  4. adb is still not running on my pc.cos cmd prompt say
    'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file, by following the your tutorial

  5. Question: I have a Galaxy S6 that has crashed. Reset returns an Android that has fallen and can't get up. I want to try reloading Android and was thinking this ADB route was the way. Any advice or can you point to a video that you've already done?

  6. Unfortunately this
    didn't work for me on the latest Windows 10 pro version (as of March 2018). Managed to get it to work by reading through some of the comments below:

    Navigate to path and click edit – this brings up a new dialogue box (unlike the video)
    In the right side of the new box click new then click browse and navigate to your android-sdk folder and click ok.

    Worked for me – good luck

  7. Hi, can u plz tell me if it is possible to recover file from broken black screen Android phone in which debuging has not been enabled..

  8. yeah i had problems too but end up just doing this and problem solved

  9. hey I have a sm-t580 tablet I did a hard reset on & after flashing with oden all i ever get is just the welcome screen & wifi-agreement & lastly a screen asking me to log in to google which i cannot do & i get a 24 hour message but I might have tried logging in to google in the 20th hour instead of after exactly 24 hours- anyway what else can I do to use this tablet when i plug in mini usb cable I see my Tab A 6 (2016) I can add any files to the tablet per my PC. But I'm yet to see a colorful screen with pre installed apps- HELP— I was told that TWRP might help but I am unsure If & how to use. I used oden & clicked 'Ap' slot-passed–
    can't see or find-settings -get to home screen or any files or folder without my PC being hooked up to it. it is like the home screen & the pre installed app are hidden or not there-Help!

  10. Just click the google download link and watch the vid from 4:00 – until then just babble about how to switch a computer on, download a prog, unzip it…etc etc…the usual North American talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking …………….

  11. i follow all your steps , unfortunately at the last when i put adb in cmd nothing would happen atleast it says adb is not reconized

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