How to Install the Global MIUI ROM on the Redmi Note 7

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As mentioned, there are multiple ways that we can switch the Redmi Note 7 from the Chinese version of MIUI over to another region (such as the Global version). It was taking forever for Xiaomi to release the Fastboot ROM for this device so many were left using the Recovery ROM.

There are multiple ways of switching from one regional MIUI ROM to another. I recently showed you how to do this from a custom recovery and today I will show you the regular way. This involves flashing the Global Fastboot ROM of MIUI on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

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  • amigo será que se me brickiara el redmi note 7 si flash por recovery ( Orange Fox) la version v global si estoy en la version global china v. ! será que no habrá riesgo es que la version china no me deja cambiar de region /

  • Im runnik EEA global stable, global dev exist for china only.
    Is possible Redmi Note 7 flash and boot chinac dev (levander)??

  • Hello Doug, I always follow your videos and read the Android Explained, at this time I tried your method with the ROM that you provided to download and not worked, so I tought about the ARB number that is the problem that I’m having to flash the ROM My actual ROM Is So Downloaded the Fastboot ROM in version checked my device is ARB=4, checked on the ROM Flash_all.bat set CURRENT_ANTI_VER=4 should install but still giving me the error that the Device ARB is greater than the ROM ARB.

    current device antirollback version is greater than this package

    Any thoughts about this issue? Tried with the ROM that you provided but never checked the BAT file to see which ARB are, tried with the new ROM Global and not worked also. My Redminote is ARB=4 and the ROM is also ARB=4
    Please let me know if you have any advise.

  • I have the mi mix 3 & I unlocked the bootloader, can you link me a fastboot rom for mi mix 3 Please 😭

  • Hello bro, I just did it and it look so good. I followed every step, and just a piece of cake. Thank you for your time and effort. I have just a question, will I be able to lock the bootloader again? And if yes, how? Thanks again.

  • Hello Doug,

    at first I would like to thank you for detailed instructions and videos.

    I have a question.
    Can I install Global+MIUI+v+ from your tutorial if my redmi note7 has allready Chinese MIUI ?

    Is it downcast – downgrade and can it cause me a problem during the procedure?

    I've made all the necessary steps according to your instructions on

    I installed the CPU-Z Hardware info apk., so I'm sure I have a xiaomi/lavender version of MIUI.

    I enabled developer options, usb debug, installed minimal ADB and fastboot, I downloaded Qualcomm USB Driver V1.0 and installed it.

    If necessary I will disable windows driver signature, but for that I am not sure it is needed ??

    I do not want to use TWRP because I want to have the option of automatic OTA update later.

    Boatloader will be soon unlocked.

    I hope my inquiry is understandable,

    I thank in advance for the reply.

  • installation wont start. The script would immediately close after double clicking the flash_all. what should I do sir? nice video btw

  • Hi Doug. Could this be done directly on a bootloader unlocked Chinese Redmi Note 7 without going through the installation of the EEA MIUI ROM as shown in one of your previous tutorial?

  • somehow it stoped in the installation process and now it doesnt start anymore. Reboot and clean doesnt help. do you have any suggestion?

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