How to Install TWRP Recovery on any Android phone

Looking for the best smartphone or equipment? Never miss today’s deals on amazon here Unlock Bootloader of your Device first & Install ADB Fastboot tool:
Windows :
Mac :
Full Android SDK Platform:

Watch Video on How to Install ADB:

Install the Android USB Drivers:

Download TWRP Recovery:
Ex: if your device is Redmi Note 5 pro
Type as : TWRP Redmi Note 5 Pro
in Search Tab 🔍

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  • I have a problem, Please fix it. The problem is that after flashing TWRP Recovery image, I tried to boot into Recovery mode. Well, it boot into TWRP Recovery but I can't access it because the touch screen is not responding. Please fix it.
    Phone – Micromax Q402 Plus
    I hope you will take response to this problem.

  • I have safestrap as recovery, do i need to unlock the bootloader and instal twrp? i'm using kitkat 4.4.2 it would be possible to install lineage OS 15?

  • please help not working on my side after entering fastboot flash recovery command

    Sending 'recovery' (11810 KB) OKAY [ 0.383s]

    Writing 'recovery' FAILED (remote: 'Command not allowed')

    fastboot: error: Command failed

  • the background music just making me harder to concentrate, seriously, a house music + brain needed tut video is not match, MY HEAD urrrrr

  • The guy is missing one important step i.e., you phone should have the bootloader unlocked in order to all of this thing to work.

  • there is guy here asking what to do witn zip files.
    if you wanna an advice,dont start modding your phone,especially flashing firmwares.
    maybe you were trollIn,is not possible that some one who dont know how works zip files will try however to flash the phone.
    i mean when i was a total noob i flashed cyanogens of the legendary samsung s3, which was unbrickable

  • Nice video, but again made by someone who thinks this will be played at house parties. Man do something about your taste of music or at least remember that your audience is not all living on speed or other kind of pills. Nice video, shitty music.

  • i have install adb but why i'm only see c:adb (folder) , nothing in c:program file(x86)minimal ADB fastboot or in c:program file ?

  • 3:51 what do you mean by install? i have dawload the recovery for my black view a20 but you dont say anithing if i need to take the file in the minimal adb or what… because i dont now what to do is realy confusing can you help me please?

  • Hello so when i hold power down and vol down botton there a screen shows up… says the following

    Reboot system
    Update from bootloader
    Update from adb
    Update from sdcard
    Wipe partion

    What should i choose my device is : walton primo EF7

    What should i do plzzzzz help …….

  • Your websites are very very confusing ..
    No downloadlinks only links to new websites with more and more and more info… and new links.

  • Why does this happen on the writing part:
     FAILED (remote: partition length get error)

    I have also tired doing:
    fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery_twrp_Psmart.img

    I'm using huawei p smart and can't get it to work

  • Hello, I send you this email to ask you to provide me a functional version of TWRP for Huawei Honor 7A (AUM-L29) because I tried with the version (Plank) but it does not work and when I installs a version like this one (honor_7X_EMUI8TWRP.img) the TWRP starts but I can not do anything with neither wipe, nor install nor mount because internal storage 0MB thank you to take into account my problem and wish you happy holidays.


  • sorry but the video quality is just shit… notepad, really? in 2018? is it hard to speak? if yes, is it hard to use even the most basic video editing tools to display text, instead of writing in notepad, *in real-time*? Jesus….

  • C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery TWRP-H300-

    target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes

    sending 'recovery' (10208 KB)…

    OKAY [ 0.346s]

    writing 'recovery'…

    FAILED (remote: failed to get download permission for partition 'recovery'


    finished. total time: 0.371s

    Please how can i solve this..?

  • my custom recovery like XZDualrecovery or TWRP just stays on for one installation of my new operating system (rom like lineage os). when i want to re-enter the customrecovery again, it is not possible (behavior is the same as like trying to enter the stock recovery). For example i want to re-enter the customrecovery again, for installation of a new rom. what can i do to permanently keep my customrecovery? thanks

  • Download ADB Fastboot here: And the second download link on the page is for Mac, not for Windows.

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