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Change permanently Android x86 screen resolution

– Follow the steps in the video
– Download the link below with the list of resolutions with their VGA numbers.

Not all resolutions work, so test that best suits your needs.

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24 Replies to “How to permanently change screen resolution (Android x86)”

  1. Hi would love to try this. But the mega website link for resolution list doesnt work. Can you link up to an active page

  2. For some reason, my resolution's height and width seem flipped, so it doesn't will the width of my screen, but it goes off the bottom of my display, so I have a scroll bar and fullscreen leaves the bottom 20% of my screen inaccessible. I have tried manually specifying resolutions using different display drivers, vga=ask, specifying 800×1280 (reversed w and h), all with the same results.

  3. Bro im noob in this things lol where will i get debugging mode pls reply fast i have remix os 2.1 resolutions suxs. I have installed using remixos installation tool.

  4. Thank you for this video. My resolution was fine with Remix OS on my old Notebook. How ever I used the same method to change the DPI to be able to have smaller icons that would not
     clutter the desktop screen. So use the same method but add DPI= ***.

  5. #TechXander Thanks for the video.

    I wonder, if it's possible to use 32-bit color using a Vmware 12.
    Here all the resolutions seem to work only in 16-bit.

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