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Hello Guys 🙂 I hope you all are will be fine

So Guys in this review, I am going to tell you that how you can Re-Enable the feature of Format as Internal Which was removed by the google in the latest update of Marshmallow and Nougat.
The biggest problem of removing that feature is that, now we are not being able to move our Application into our SD card ( Portable Storage) and sometimes the internal storage doesnot fulfill our Requirments and 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal storage just fully used in a seconds That feature is very useful for those who play lot of games and are Game lovers Just like me

So just follow the steps and then you will be able to move your Applications and Media into your SD card

” First of All you would have to Download the “ABD Mini Flash Tool” and the “Universal Drivers of that Software” I Will Give the Download Links of both the Files at the End of the thread ”

After Install the adb Mini flash tool and the Universal Drivers, open the adb Flash Tool.

A Command Prompt Type Window will be Opened. Then After Enabling the “USB Debugging Mode” From the Developers Option. Connect your Device. Accept the Connection From your device

Step 3:
Type the Following Commands Step by step

1. adb shell
as you can see my device has been detected 🙂 !
2. sm list-disks
In my case it is 179, 128. Your case it would be different 🙂

3. sm list-volumes all
Ok so my sd card is not mounted with the internal storage !

4. sm set-force-adoptable true

5. sm partition disk:179,128 private (In my case it is 179,128) Your case it would be different.

Now this process will take some time . It will take atleast 5 to 10 minutes 🙂
After the complition of this process, now type:

6. sm set-force-adoptable false

Now to check that your sd card has been formated as internal or not, type:

7: sm list-volumes all
As you can see Sd card has been mounted Successfully 🙂

NOTE: Please Make a Backup of your SD Card. In that process, your sd card will be Formatted 🙂

Download Links:
Adb Mini Flashtool:
Universal Drivers:



40 Replies to “How to Re-Enable the feature Format SD Card as Internal By Using ADB Mini Flash Tool”

  1. How to check whether your Phone supports format internal as sd option by default or not
    If not, then follow the adb method showing on this video you are in now 🙂

  2. i need help with a certain problem: when i reach the step of typing sm partition disk:xxx,xxx private it doesn't last for 5 minutes and instantly ends and my sd card doesn't become internal i tried retyping it various times and it didn't work

  3. I would like to ask: when I come to the step 5, which is "sm partition disk:……. private, and then I hit the enter button, and then immediately shows up the new line, I don't have to wait like 5 or 10 minutes like you were asked in your instruction. Is it going right?

    By the way, I did exactly as what you were told on the video but I still can't install asphalt 8 on from playstore. Any help?

  4. Yes it works but now i want to download apps from play store and still its says taht there is not enouhh space

  5. is some one here can help me? about i format my estar android marshmallow tab,and after i reboot system i read message infourtnately google service has stoped. and there is no thing work, no gmail no google assist. pleaz how can i salve this problem using adb to insall google manager apk and open google account ?


  7. Ok so i formatted my sd card as internal storage by following the methods u showed in this video but still my storage is full
    Any solution for this

  8. anyone tried it on Nokia 5.1 plus? I am hesitating to do this because my phone is new and i'm afraid that i may brick it in the process. anyway I don't really want to make my SD card as internal. what I want is to make my phone to be able to transfer some apps to my SD card as external and not as internal. In my previous phone Asus zenfone go 5.5 i can do it normaly in the settings i just need to tap on the "change" button and I can transfer apps to my external sd card though some files still left in the internal i guess but atleast i can reduce volumes from my internal. I want to do the same to my Nokia 5.1 plus. i just want to enable it to transfer apps to my external sd card. i dont want to make my sd card as internal. pls tell me what to do thanks in advance !

  9. Thanks 🖖 Worked on Nokia too
    Some points that happened with me
    1. I was copying commands & didn't change the values at disk partition.
    2. After sm partition disk command (in my case) it didn't started loading commands just a single line came so I ended with last command line & it worked

  10. on my device OPPO A71 did not work i dont know why. all the step i followed it in the cmd it works but in my phone my sd card did now read and the internal storage did not increase ether.. but thank you BTW.

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