How To Record & Stream Oculus Quest Gameplay Wirelessly With OBS Using ADB (+ Tips & Tricks)

EDIT: I updated this guide with an easier method! Check it out here:

Recording and live streaming Oculus Quest gameplay can be tricky, especially if you want to do it with OBS AND wirelessly. In this guide, we show you how we do it. This works on the Oculus Go too.
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The Oculus Quest launch is right around the corner. If you are like us and want to share that experience then you might want to know what your options are for recording and live streaming with the Quest.

So in today’s video, we share a guide on how we do it most of our live streams and recordings. More specifically, we are using OBS and ADB wirelessly and in this guide, I’ll explain how to do this step by step. At the end of this video, there will be some extra tips and tricks that you can use.

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You can skip step 1 to 6 if you already have adb setup.
01:56 – Step #1 Activate an Oculus Developer account

02:29 – Step #2 Put your Oculus Quest in Developer mode

03:00 – Step #3 Download scrcpy

03:33 – Step #4 Unzip the file and place the folder anywhere you want

04:14 – Step #5 Add adb and scrcpy in this folder to your environment variables
“SCRCPY_SERVER_PATH”, value is the path to the file scrcpy-server.jar

5:29 – Step #6 Check if you set the environment variables right

06:10 – Step #7 Connect the Quest to your PC with ADB

07:06 – Step #8 Mirror the Quest screen

07:28 – Step #9 Record using OBS (Cabled)

07:47 – Step #10 Record using OBS (Wirelessly)
Bat file link:

10:02 – How we record game audio with adb on the Oculus Quest

11:25 – How we record voice-overs on the Oculus Quest
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12:13 – scrcpy extra options
“scrcpy –b 25M –c 1440:1600:0:0”

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  • When i type in scrcpy to mirror the screen it doesnt work. But I did everything else the same and everything else works.

  • Thanks you! I have been looking for this. Every other video just tells me to click record on the quest! This is life saving

  • Hi everyone.
    there is an easier way to record oculus quest Audio – i mean cheaper one.
    you don't need expensive audio adapter.
    but this gonna be forwarded in my future video.

  • Hi! I was just wondering. Mirroring your screen, running the game, and recording on obs is very intensive on the cpu and gpu making the footage laggy. Any tips on how to make the footage smooth???

  • For people looking to stream directly from the quest to twitch without a pc, this is not for you, I have searched for a while but found it’s simply not possible, apologies friends, but your search must end here.

  • Thank you so much! Streaming to my phone for some reason does not work so I was desperate for a method to stream it to pc. Great Tutorial! Keep it up 🙂

  • I have a question. So I like to stream and I normally stream every day. I would like to stream with this. But I can't see the chat. Is there a way to do this

  • to stream audio wireless with very little latency you can buy a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and a receiver and connect them via aux ports

  • completly useless because: 1 no wireless ingame sound. 2 completly bad recordings you literally can count the pixels and you just have 1 eye recordet so it just looks like someone lokks on the top left or right corner of the screen the whole time

  • I love this tutorial everything works and its very helpful, but when i start streaming the window to twitch it instantly starts having latency in mirroring. This gets to the point that the window appears to be completely frozen due to lag in only a minute. I'd love to know if this is just my wifi or if there is another step to stream. I am connected to a 5Ghz network (the same network on computer and my quest) AND I am still connected with the usb rather than going wireless to reduce lag. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Autoreconnectable command line of scrcpy: for /l %i in () do start /wait scrcpy-noconsole.exe

    Audio capture into mic input sounds like crap. Tried built-in MSI VR One mic input and 400kOhm guitar input. Still hopeless. Who will listen to this? Now trying to save myself with something explicitly having "Line" in its description. Best guess now is to ask seller to change Behringer Line 2 USB input from ridiculous 2 mono big jacks to 1 stereo straight angle mini jack. I found who can do this in Russia. Don't know yet if it can fix audio problems.

    Internal recorder misses or damages sound from video playback. This is most notable in YouTube VR. I hear everything live, but on record there are only action sounds, but no sound from video itself. Same issues with Mission: ISS. It is mostly fine, but no sound from explanation videos all over the station. Also, files copied via Explorer are sometimes damaged. If you are running into same issues, you can save your files by copying them via ADB tools: ADB command line, FARDroid or SideQuest. They are bytewise perfect, unlike MTP, it seems.

  • Thanks so much for all the videos on the quest ladies! I'm a new fan of the channel and I'm looking forward to more content!

    (Ps: Nederlandse content creators zijn de beste content creators, vooral als ze in het Engels video's maken ;))

  • Cas and Chary VR how do you sync the video into real-time, because I am having a party today and I need it to stream at the perfect time so that if I raise my hand, the video will show me raising my hand at the same time IRL.

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