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In this tutorial we cover array manipulation in JavaScript. How to add elements to an array using push, how to remove the last element of an array using pop. How to add and remove multiple elements of a JavaScript array using splice.

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5 Replies to “How to Remove and Add Elements to a JavaScript Array”

  1. Thanks ! I just did something that doesn t work. can you give me an hand.


    var tab = new array();
    var add_A_number = prompt("you want to add a number to the Array ? YES : press [ y ] and press [ enter ], "+
    "n NO : press [ n ] and press [ enter ] ");
    if(add_A_number === ("y")){
    alert((tab.length +1 )+ "th value of the table n"); // alert
    }while(customer === ("y"));


    function Add(){
    var number = prompt("Please enter the number you would like to add to the Array :");
    for (i=0; i<tab.length; i++){
    document.write(tab[i]+' ');

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