How to Repair IMEI of Redmi note 3 [Snapdragon] [DualIMEIWriterTool]

are you using redmi note 3 But somehow your IMEI is Showing null 😛 unable to get signals on your device ? then follow this method in this video i will show you how to repair IMEI of Redmi note 3
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Note : this method requires bootloader unlocked and Rooted Device

Thanks to @Archelot from miui forum for This Easy way
Check out his Thread for Detailed info

this is method is easiest way to recover IMEI
we will be using Simple adb commands & write Dual IMEI Program to flash IMEI
if you still have any problem to repair IMEI then check thread or comment here

Intro i used : Thanks to Official Designs for Intro
Music i used Follow :Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]
listen it here :
follow ahrix for More such music tracks :

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