How to root Android using Magisk Manager & stock boot.img

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This video explains how to root an Android phone using Magisk Manager and boot.img

Boot.img can be obtained either from firmware or using WWR @

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In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to root an Android device using magisk

manager and a boot.img. Now you need to get the boot.img for your phone either

from the firmware which you downloaded online or from a rom which you backed up or

extracted from your phone. You can backup your phone using a variety of tools

depending on your chipset but anyway you either get the boot.img from the firmware or

extracted from your phone. Now, once you have your boot.img, you need to copy to your phone

storage because you’re going to be working on that on the device. Now I have my

magisk installed and I’m also going to check my root status to show that

the phone is not rooted okay? so I’m starting from the very beginning, from

scratch. So you can see I do not have root access on this phone so I will be

rooting the phone using magisk and my boot.img. Now, its very important you get a

boot.img for your variant. You know, when it comes to Android, there are number of

variants so you just can’t use any boot.img on your device. You need to get one

that is for your variant or close to your build number even for your build number

okay? So once you have that in place, you’re going to launch magisk manager. On

this screen, you just select NO THANKS. Now, if you’re using a Samsung device you might

want to change your settings. You come under Patch Boot Output

Format. Now, you’ll want to change yours to .img.tar that is

for Samsung users who want to flash their patched boot.img using Odin

okay? but I want to use in .img format so I’ll just leave it as it

is ok? Samsung users just take note of that

alright? So now at this screen, you’re going to tap Install then you tap Install

again. Now you’re going to select Patch Boot Image File.

Now, I’m going to locate my stock boot.img, I saved that to the Hovatek

folder on my internal storage. Okay, I have it here. I’m going to select it now so

I’m going to allow. So now you’ll notice that magisk is going to download the

zip file and then begin patching alright? So I’ll just wait a couple of seconds for

okay it’s almost done, I think I can just slide off so you can see. So now what is

happening right now is that magisk is now patching the boot image which I just

loaded and then it’s going to produce the patched boot.img for me, its

going to save it to the phone storage for me alright? So once that is done, I’ll

just head over to flashing the patched boot.img to my device okay?

packing boot image.

You might be wondering why I have adb opened here. Its because I want to flash using fastboot. Alright!

so it says patched boot image is placed here so I’m

going to actually verify that by launching my file manager. Internal

storage. I’m looking for Magisk Manager. As you can see, I

have my patched boot.img, its 11.43 MB. So now, I’m going to copy

this file to my PC from which I’m going to flash. Now, at this

point, you now need to flash your boot.img .There’s a lot of ways you

can flash your boot image depending on your kind of chipset and what you have. You might decide to

flash using a tool, maybe like Odin, SP Flash tool, Research Download tool, Miracle

box, depending on what you have at the moment or for most devices, you can

flash using fastboot. Now, I’m going to be demonstrating how to flash using fastboot

okay because that’s quite general for devices

alright? So first off, I need to copy this patched boot image to my device

and that would take a couple of seconds so let me just do that quickly. Alright so I’ve

copied the patched boot.img to my adb folder and that is

what I have over here as you can see so now I’m going to be flashing this using

fastboot. Don’t forget, you can flash your boot image using a variety of methods,

it depends on your chipset but I’m using

fastboot because that’s actually quite general alright? So now, before you

can use fastboot on your device, you need to have unlocked your bootloader.

We have a guide on how to unlock your bootloader. Just check our forum, search

for how to unlock the bootloader of an Android device, we have a


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