How to Root Nexus 6P Android Oreo (8.0/8.1) [Walkthrough]


=== NOTES ===

This is a very long video as it has been recorded with beginners in mind. I know probably, there won’t be too many new people getting Nexus 6Ps, but just in case. 😉

If you know what you need to do already, nothing has changed since Marshmallow, except for increased SafetyNet measures and Magisk. 🙂

=== END ===


0:40 – Before starting
1:30 – Notes about rooting
2:10 – Using the new Magisk and MagiskSU

3:20 – Download the USB Drivers (Windows only)
4:00 – Download Android SDK Platform Tools
4:55 – Download TWRP (custom recovery)
5:53 – Download Magisk

6:53 – Enable OEM Unlocking via the Developer Options
9:10 – Check/install bootloader/fastboot drivers
11:22 – Extracting Android plaform tools (adb & fastboot)

12:58 – Skip Linux and macOS guides for using platform tools

13:30 – Unlocking the bootloader

16:19 – Copying to the phone
17:20 – Flashing TWRP (custom recovery)

19:03 – Rebooting into TWRP
19:17 – Decrypting your /data partition in TWRP
20:00 – Flashing Magisk

21:35 – A quick look at Magisk Manager and SafetyNet checks

=== END ===

I am not responsible for any damage caused or any data lost. Please make sure you understand the procedure and also make backups of anything important!


A brain and lots of time 😉


Getting platform-tools (adb & fastboot):

Nexus USB Drivers (Windows):
– Tutorial on installing drivers:

Checksum Calculator:



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  • Just got a 6p today and I’m gonna try this thank you for uploading a beginner friendly video! The software is on 8.1 Oreo so I’m hoping it works doing it on a MacBook.

  • I trying to root the nexus 6p but I'm using a Samsung type c cord and not getting to get pass anything..what cord you would recommend?

  • I was following along, but I must've messed up somewhere along the way. When I turn on my Nexus, it brings me to TWRP, and there's no way for me to boot the device. Whether I try, "System" "Recovery" or "Bootloader" it just resets back in TWRP. How can I boot my device so I can use it? I appreciate any help. Thank you!

  • Can We modified or turn off dock and notification original style and change to other style after we root our phone?? Because before root i notice that we cannot disable notification or disable original dock on this phone… Plus i dont like nexus 6p notification and dock original style.

  • I have tried many videos that says the way and have not get root. The bootloader is unlocked, the problem it is only with rooting.
    It runs the process as it is indicated bou on time to flash TWRP it says it is corrupt. Sometimes after all process done, trying the recovery mode (power and volume) the phone says not commands. Help, please.

  • This worked perfectly thank you so much. This is probably one of the first tech videos that has actually worked for me

  • Thanks so much! This tutorial is incredible! Thanks for explaining everything step by step, as I'm pretty new to this. Thanks again!

  • Wonderful Tutorial! Here's a list of recent setback that I experienced on Windows/my Nexus 6P:

    1) If typing in "CMD" in the Android folder does not work, try typing "CMD.exe"
    2) If your Android device does not show up in "This PC," double check that your OS is up to date and try to restart your computer
    3) When you are pressing down the power button and volume down button and the phone goes straight to loading your OS, retry by pressing these buttons down, releasing for 1sec and then pressing them down again, holding them.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you root your phone! Thanks again, MaowDroid (what is the meaning of "Maow" btw?)

  • i did the install but magisk isnt asking to grant root privilege to certain aps. Should i just re-flash the magisk zip in twrp?

  • Great video and I have subscribed and liked. OEM was checked (as shown and directed), and checked, and checked again. However, once I got to the setup process CMD showed that the OEM had decided to grey out and was off. I now cannot change it: As Admin, Developer, and HARD reboot = still greyed out. Any assistance on the Nexus 6P would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🤓

  • Great video! I was finally able to root my Nexus 6P – Windows 10 wouldn't reconize my device so I downloaded the TWRP & Magisk to the phone itself and it worked great in case anyone else runs into this problem, thanks!

  • I had already followed MaowDroid's video for installing the Pixel Experience rom onto my 6p before jumping into the root process. When I went back to TWRP to install Magisk I couldn't get past the encryption password prompt in TWRP (though I entered it properly multiple times). After digging around on the internet, I discovered that this was a known problem several versions back but could find nothing recent on the subject. I removed all security (pin, fingerprint, etc) on my device and rebooted into TWRP and was able to proceed. It's very possible that I did something wrong initially but I couldn't figure what it might have been after going back through the video again. Hope this helps if you are having the same issue.

  • Great video!!! My Nexus 6P is running Pixel Experience thanks to your videos! But now i wanna root, can i follow this instructions too? Or in a custom ROM the process is different? Thanks!

  • Great video!!! My Nexus 6P is running Pixel Experience thanks to your videos! But now i wanna root, can i follow this instructions too? Or in a custom ROM the process is different? Thanks!

  • Dude, why did I just bumped into your video now? I'm very noob with this, and you made it so simple for me! Thank you!

  • Great video! 🙂 Everything went well until I installed the root checker and checked my phone and it said "Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device." So what did I do wrong here? 🙁

  • Hi, i've just done this but can't go into twrp, when i go to recovery mode it says 'no command' but when i flash it twrp again i can get in but only that way. How can i fix this?


  • can not add drivers, even tried huawei drivers, I already have boot loader unlocked, won't recognize cable, I'm using a new nexus cable, can I send you screen shots?

  • I applied this video on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X operating with Android 8.1 .WORKS GREAT! THANKS!
    All You need is unlock bootloader,usb driver,adb and the newest twrp recovery

  • Completed the process (great tutorial) there is no Magisk manager and when checking for root it says im not rooted.
    Can anyone shed any light on the problem. Not sure if i just need to dl the Magisk manager apk and install it manually. Running a 6p on 8.1.0

  • i followed your instructions to a T but when i flashed magisk to my nexus 6p it never showed up on my app list and im really not sure how to proceed please help

  • Hey dude I used your video before to root my nexus 6p, is there any chance you know if it's possible to root a sony experia xz3 can't find a single video of it yet on YouTube its the new under rated flagship

  • hey don't know if you still check the comments on this video, but I've done everything correctly, however when I reboot after installing Magisk on the phone it doesn't appear in the app selection. Any ideas?

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