How To Root Vivo V7

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Installing TWRP Recovery, rooting and unlocking bootloader and then flashing the port on your device is a complicated process. Only proceed if you are fully aware of the risks and consequences associated with it. Our channel or any of its members will not be held liable if anything happens to your device, even if you follow the guide as mentioned.

Finally, TWRP recovery for Vivo V7 is available now. We will use the ADB Flash tool. That means you can Root Vivo V7 with TWRP Recovery and Magisk. This method is working just follow the steps carefully. If any questions comment below in the comment box. Now we will show rooting guide for Vivo V7 with Magisk and ADB Flash Tool.

TWRP stands for Team-Win Recover Project. We all know that, TWRP recovery and rooting your smartphone is useful for in many scenarios, Still for those who are new let’s check it out some cool things TWRP and rooting features can do. Thanks to the 4PDA Forum and other members for the TWRP.

Note – before procedding please unlock the bootloader of vivo v7 than follow the steps mentioned in video.

or google drive for ADB –

Twrp –

SuperSu –


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