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How to set up SCRCPY the best way to control Android devices from Windows. No root or third-party apps required on your phone or tablet.

Note: If you have any issues with SCRCPY detecting your phone, make sure all your phones drivers are installed on your PC correctly. Credit to @Alucard for finding this little fix.

SCRCPY Download page:

My Phone Setup:

Apex Launcher (Pro) but the free one is still pretty good.

The icon pack is Whicons:

The Wallpaper is:
The Calendar Widget is standard in Zooper Widget:
The Clock Widget is also standard in Zooper.

*Zooper was removed from the Play Store (no updates) so you can also use KLWP or KWGT

The rest is pretty much stock standard Android 8.0 for HTC.

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25 Replies to “How to Set Up SCRCPY – Control and View Android Devices From Windows.”

  1. great vid audio need work but could follow even on 144p got it working and best of all i dont need a shitty app that want my info

  2. Im stuck at the cmd part lmao it just keeps saying 'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.

  3. How do I get scrcpy to connect wirelessly? I looked over the steps. I am using windows and android 10. The steps do not say where to run the ADB command. When I do it on PC, it says adb not found.

    Connect the device to the same Wi-Fi as your computer.
    Get your device IP address (in Settings → About phone → Status).
    Enable adb over TCP/IP on your device: adb tcpip 5555.
    Unplug your device.
    Connect to your device: adb connect DEVICE_IP:5555 (replace DEVICE_IP).
    Run scrcpy as usual.

  4. didn't work 🙁 I'm doing this bcs my screen is broken (got no screen at all really).. I'm pretty sure USB debugging is enabled, but action when connecting USB cable is not set to file transfer (and of course I can't select it on the phone bcs there's no screen)…… so phone isn't recognised by Adb :(((

  5. The mirroing work, but I cant control with the mouse. Mi 9t Pro.

    Edit: I was able to solve my problem, for xiaomi devices you have to go to developer options and allow granting permissions and simulating input via USB. It will ask 3 times if you're are sure.

  6. Amazing I been trying to come up with something so I can mirror my android tablet to my PC so I can then use my TV since it refuses to work with any other mirroring programs at all. Thank you so much for the tutorial just one question tho is there anyway to get sound from the android device to be on the TV? I'm wanting to play Android games on a bigger screen like the definitive Sonic 1 and 2 by Christian Whitehead

  7. it's already v1.9 and also support wireless. but thx for this video tutorial. it make me quicly understand that only reading. so, can you make another tutorial to conect wirelessly using this script ?? (sorry for my bad english)

  8. I need help. My screen is cracked. I'm not able to use my LCD for anything. I have connected an OTC cord but i cant click allows from this PC cause i need to remove USB to use otc.

  9. Hi can you assist me with scrcpy
    After enable debugging mode in phone when I run cmd command in "platform-tools" It return with zero list of device connected.
    and also when running "scrcpy.exe" It return following error "adb push returned with value 1 scrcpy".
    What should I do now to resolve error.

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