How to setup a VPN server on your home router using DD-WRT

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  • My dd wrt control panel settings on the system web gui doesn't have the VPN tab, is there a way to enable it or other way around to get this working?

  • I'm buying a tablet so I can read in bed, I'm old and feeble (ha ha), and so I'm trying to learn how to set up a home network so I can access files on my desktop from the tablet. Your videos are so clear and thorough. I can hardly wait to try all these things. After almost five years, however, I'm wondering what has changed. I'll just keep watching your videos!

  • I have set up a windows server 2016 VM on my home network with a VPN server role on it. the question is do I have to forward any port on my home ISP router for the connection to happen outside my Network?

  • what can you do if you have a modem from your ISP and can't access it. Can you still set up your router with VPN in a certain way?

  • Do NOT use PPTP VPN, it's insecure AF, even back when this video was made, as an IT infrastructure specialist you would laugh if some one mentioned PPTP VPN. At least, since you already spend the time setting up DD-WRT, set up OpenVPN TUN (Layer 3 VPN, refer to the OSI model) and do split tunneling, this way you optimize the speed by sending internet traffic through the network you are on and sending traffic to your home network through the tunnel. I guess most people want to setup VPN to their home router so they can access their NAS and such, so that would be the best way to go about it..

  • Hi, can I use the DDWRT to connect to the company VPN , so all home pc can use the company resource? If not, what other tool or equipment I can use to achieve this?


  • Can I use this if I'm in a double NAT environment? So like internet <-ISP router <- My Router .The ISP router doesn't work in bridge mode

  • I am using my WRT54Gb8 Router in a Client Bridge connection. I have the v24-sp2 micro firmware. I do not see a VPN Tab in my Services menu. Do I need another firmware?

  • Excellent, but now I have to look for the dynamic DNS setup video. It seems like what everyone would want – type in their home network name. Thank you so much!

  • thank you for your help!! works fantastic!! didn't trust you at first because of your accent of those scammer guys

  • It worked for a bit… Now when I try it fails when verifying my credentials. Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.

    But I use the same name and password that I set, and it worked before =/

  • The easiest way to setup a VPN Server is best done with because it works on all devices and its cheap.

  • Hi, can you explain it to me, what do you mean by configuring WAN credential from the router? sorry I'm a newbie, desperate on having VPN set up

  • I followed the video and did exactly a pointed out, but whilist trying to connect to the vpn via my android phone with method PPTP I couldn't connect, one thing I suppose worth mentioning is that I do have an ISP issued modem, and my WAN IP in the dd-wrt firmaware is a 192.168.1 address and not an isp address. Can someone please help me??

  • Heres one more complete VPN setup guide for DD WRT router and how to order VPN

  • NO OFFENCE i found this very interestingnbut i cannoy for th life of me at he sayingnthe link is called DDDWRDT????w.t.f xlol

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