How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? Here’s Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

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  • Obviously, Mr. Treasure teaches public speaking and is proficient in the mechanics of speech, as he demonstrates here. But for most people, the mechanics are only part of the difficulty in speaking publicly. Stage fright is the other. Getting up in front of a group, however small, is intimidating for most of us.

    The only way to get over the fear of public speaking is to do it, beginning with small gatherings and working up to stage performances. Thinking of the audience as individuals and speaking to them as such seems to work for me. I hate to perform. Instead, I prefer to engage or discuss with people, even when addressing an audience of thousands. Every speaker develops his or her own technique for getting cozy with an audience. But keeping things human eliminates the artificial barrier fearful speakers erect between themselves and the audience.

    The British educational system seems far better at teaching ordinary students to speak before a group. Some are better than others, but all graduates of British schools seem quite comfortable expressing their opinions and even arguing with those who disagree, defending their views with elan. Compare them with the American college students of today who are protected from ideas they might find upsetting or offensive. Poor little dears. They are already far behind the Brits.

  • I’m just going through an emotional tornado, at meetings at work I feel frustrated unable properly communicate my points, all because I’m being upset and anxious. This speech helped me to think about that I can be powerful with my voice tool box, if I speak calmly and with love. So help me God.

  • I made a deliberate decision a few years ago to never say ah or um. There are more silences in my speech now but it's a lot more listenable; I sound more competant.

  • The irony of history is that .. 5 years on America has a President who is extremely negative, judges, complains constantly, makes excuses regularly, exaggerates and lies all the time, … and everyone listens to him.

  • But first of all speak about something really important!

  • LOVE : Unconditional Positive Regard,
    TOLERANCE : Conditional Positive Regard,
    INTOLERANCE : Unconditional; Negative Regard.

  • Okay… then why does everybody keep listening to Trump? He pretty much violated everything in this list but no one can look away.

  • There is a repetitive mindset in the comments section about believing that you should just "be truthful and be yourself" instead of trying to "force" any of these ideas. The thing people forget, is that our current versions of being truthful to ourselves, is often just something that has spawned over years of habit building in the way we think and act and speak. The idea that if we feel negatively we should just embrace it, is to an extend flawed because the very reason we see something negatively might come from habits, rather than an actually unbiased personal view. Our mindsets are shaped and molded throughout our lives, and just sticking with what feels natural right now, does not mean you are being truthful or honest to yourself. It just means you are acting on your basic habits, and putting a blind eye towards any potential changes or betterments in how you think and act – not better for others, but for yourself.
    This video is solely about how you become better at conveying important messages in a way that makes people listen. If you don't want to improve so that people listen in the first place, then stop complaining about never being heard. If you truly want people to care about your words and thoughts, then you have to break down your habits and build different ones that better suit your goal. We always have the option to evolve our minds, most people just embrace the status quo sooner or later and act like "this is who they are", when in reality they haven even explored a fraction of who they could be.

  • Im hard of hearing and speak loud ,my friend says in boisterous and
    very personable.
    MY daughter says I carry or have force about me. I'm not bossy,or overbearing so I don't know what she means.

  • I can't handle Gossip,liars,and complainers.
    Yes,If they talk about others to you they.will talk about you to others.
    Yep, Be yourself.

  • Avoid:

    1. Gossip

    2. Judging

    3. Negativity

    4. Complaining

    5. Excuses

    6. Lying

    7. Dogmatism

    HAIL – To greet or acclaim enthusiastically

    H – Honestly (Be straight and clear)

    A – Authenticity (Be yourself)

    I – Integrity (Be your word)

    L – Love (wish them well)

    Amazing Toolbox:

    1. Register – Locate your voice at your chest to gain some weight

    2. Timbre – Voices that are rich, smooth and warm

    3. Prosody – Avoid monotone, a statement sounds like a question and repeat a statement

    4. Pace – Get excited by saying something really quickly; Slow down to emphasize; Silent

    5. Pitch- Ex: "Where did you leave my keys?" with different pitches, are different meaning

    6. Volume: Excited – High Volume; Attention – Low Volume

    Warm up your voice

    1. Arms up, deep breath in and sigh out

    2, 3. Warm up the lips: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba…; Brrrrr…….

    4, 5. Tongue warm up: La, la, la, la, la….; Rrrrrr…..

    6. WeeeeeeeeeAaaaawwww (From high pitch to low pitch)

  • In France we have a philosophe named Michel Onfray who would categorize this as a part of the recent infantilisation of the minds and behaviours . People eating finger food , using scooters , getting tattoos and piercings with no cultural references , being told how to exercise , how to date, educate their kids etc…etc…etc…

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