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Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 –

In today’s lesson, we will teach you how to temporarily disable Bitdefender Internet Security 2019.
Launch the Bitdefender app. Select ‘Protection’ from the left side menu. Click on ‘Settings’ under ‘Antivirus’ block. Turn the switch off next to ‘Bitdefender Shield’ option. Select the time frame from the dropdown list. It can 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour, permanently or Until system restart. Click on ‘Ok’. Go to the Dashboard and you will see a message saying that security is disabled.


16 Replies to “How to Temporarily Disable Bitdefender Internet Security 2019”

  1. Thiz antivirus is so stupid man. It thinks that my PC games is a threat so it started to block of my games or delete my game files

  2. Well that was a BIG fall. Did exactly what was shown. I'm trying to get rid of Bytefence that my kid unknowing put on the computer. But when I go to uninstall, Bitdefender detects this, interrupts the uninstall to send something to the vault and I STILL have freaking Bytefence running. I have the total security version of Bitdefender and for some reason having protection off doesn't include everything?!?!

  3. Thank you! I tried to do a system restore, and after it ran for a FULL HOUR it came up telling me it hadn't worked, probably because of my antivirus, which I should disable.

  4. didn't work for me, still detects the app as malware, I even added it to the exception list and still nothing…

  5. Worked a treat after Bitdefender was stopping me from copying files to a flash drive. Such a trash antivirus.

  6. Thankyou!!!!! On another note, I am TOTALLY UNIMPRESSED with Bitdefender making this feature so incredibly unintuitive. Just look at the thousands of people doing Google searches on this very question!!! COME ON Bitdefender! Get your head in the game and make this a "right click" option from the system tray icon!!!!!!

  7. This was very concise and got right to the point which was great. I appreciate that for sure! One thing I'm still a bit unsure of is whether this turns off all aspects of Bitdefender (antivirus, firewall..everything) since you went only to the Antivirus settings to set it to off. It does seem that way since it says you're turning off Bitdefender Shield, but it may clarify things if there's a bit of text on screen saying "this shuts off Bitdefender completely!" or "..only Antivirus". ..Thanks.

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