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how to UNLOCK Bootloader on ASUS Devices

Unlock Device Tool Links

ZE552KL –
ZE550KL –
IN case if your device is not listed you can download it from Asus Website. Go to the site fiind your Build then go to Support and then to drivers and find Unlock Device tool and Download It

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35 Replies to “how to UNLOCK Bootloader on ASUS Zenfone 2/3/5/laser”

  1. Beware, most of the links in description are for unlocking Android M.
    Go to Asus website and download Official Unlocking Tool from there, paying attention to match the Android version.

  2. when i click 00:40 (the agree option) it says that Unlock Device Tool has stopped working.
    what should i do please help me…

  3. Just read people, the asus site has all the zenfone Unlock device tool, I got it from there
    here is the link for the zenfone 3 laser, you are asking
    Read carefully the warning please do the unlock at your own risk!!

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