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How to Root HTC Desire 626s

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Install Android SDK and Fastboot tools

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43 Replies to “How to Unlock Bootloader on HTC Desire! Works on All HTC Devices”

  1. If you get stuck when you press 'Recover Mode' after unlocking the OEM, type 'fastboot reboot' on cmd. You're welcome.

    UPDATE: here's the link for the twrp that works on 628 dual sim without any crashing (may work for other models as well)

  2. Using HTC Desire 210. Since the OS is fucking old, I am unable to find any place with the OEM thing that I am unable to get the identifier token. Any clue?

  3. Bonjour, il y a quelques mois pour réinitialiser mon téléphone j' ai restaurer les valeurs d' usine et depuis je n' ai plus accès au mode développeur que puis-je faire car j' aimerai root mon phone pour installer une alternative à Android genre Linux à voir pour sortir de l' obsolescence que mon téléphone est entrain de porter, par avance merci et super tuto vidéo, bravo. Si dessous traduction en Anglais. If below translation into English.

    Hello, a few months ago to reset my phone I restore the factory values and since I no longer have access to developer mode what can I do because I 'll like root my phone to install an alternative to Android kind Linux to see out of the obsolescence that my phone is wearing, in advance thank you and great video tutorial, congratulations.

  4. Looking for Platform Tools.
    Try here –

    No problem 🙂

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  6. Do you have htc desire 626 verizon software plz share with me I really need this 😌I just root my desire 626 and now I didn't receive Ota updates you know android 6.0

  7. Has anybody else had trouble getting the SDK file? On my laptop it'll download but it won't open. I have it set to open when done as well. Does anybody have any advice?

  8. please anyware …. <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>

















    <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

    send me the Unlock_code.bin for my email.

  9. The prompt didn't recognize the command "fastboot oem get_identifier_token" and I already had download Java SDK, Android Studio and also HTC Sync Manager. Why???
    I've spent 2 hours on this and get stucked here… it's really bad!

  10. ROOT HTC 610 – instruction ! & Unlock Bootloader HTC 610 !

    Przydatne strony!

    ROOT HTC 610 – instruction ! & Unlock Bootloader HTC 610 !

  11. Hi, my HTC Desire 326G suddenly got a problem appearing messages continuously saying HTC blink stopped, google play services stopped. I pressed power button and volume lower button together to reboot device following above procedure, but it doesn't work by pressing those two buttons together. could you help me or can any one help me?

  12. Im using a HTC Desire 626g and i cant find the oem unlock feature in the developer options, somebody help where can i turn on the option?

  13. it actually work out of everything I tried you were the only one that made it work thank you thank you thank you thank you you are awesome

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