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Unlock your GSM Galaxy S7:

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Congrats to DKIMMORTAL for winning.

In this video, I show you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. SIM unlocking allows you to use any GSM carrier or SIM card you on your phone.

Note: this is a sponsored video.



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How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) – SIM Unlock



23 Replies to “How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) – SIM Unlock”

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  2. Mine doesn't say invalid sim card. It says: Not registered on network. Is it the same thing? My phone is locked to a carrier? Just bought it from someone.. edit: it was a problem from my carrier. Now it's working.

  3. I'm confused. My carrier sent me an unlock code. It didn't work. Then then when I put in a different sim, it says I need a puk code. The carrier (ATT) keeps telling me it is something I need to take up with the new carrier. The New carrier says I need to take it up with ATT. Are there two different codes? If so, How do I unlock them both? Blessings!

  4. What should I put as the carrier which my phone is locked to if it's unlocked for the whole Europe but not for america/asia Sims?

  5. i confidentially refer you to @walter_hacker1_ on instagram he helped unlocked my iphone at a reasonable price, stop wasting your time on videos like this.

  6. Is it really unlock if I follow the instruction?? I've never done this thing before that's why I am asking. If you could reply me. Thx

  7. hi I have a Samsung phone I found I reset it witch took me months now its fine on net but will not make a call bummer really as ive never had a smart phone so its good 2 show but that's it lol I love the phone wish I could win but as I'm in the uk well it wont but hay ill try black and o2 please

  8. S7edge SCV33, Color white, storage 32GB.

    Hi, am Omary from Tanzania please help me yo unlock network for this smartphone.
    My email is

    Thanks in advance

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