How To Unlock The Bootloader And Root The OnePlus 6T (T-mobile And Unlocked Versions)

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  • when i tipp the command with the twrp, it goes into fastboot mode and thats it, stuck in fastboot…nothing happen
    can somebody help me? its important

  • i have called and permanently unlocked my 6t from t mobile toady. now when i type "fastboot oem unlock" it fails and cmd msz shows " plz flash unlock token first"

    what am i doing wrong.

  • I am stuck on fast boot mode. it is not opening anything it is just showing "fastboot mode" and the OnePlus sign. not going further

  • If you are on 10.3 do u have to downgrade to 9.017 first? I unlocked the bootloader fine but cannot flash the temp twrp img. It just freezes at fastboot screen and disconnect from adb

  • Some problem for this code adb oem unlock
    When i hit this code i see waiting for device
    And fastboot devices is not slow but adb devices is slow
    What's wrong with me i don't understand

  • Hi All ,
    I lost my data during beta update in 6t. Not able to recover data as all recovery apps are asking for boot access. Does it help in recovering data once i root mobile.
    Thanks in advance

  • For the people with T-Mobile versions, you can skip all those requirements, it took me about an hour to do. There are a few videos on YouTube on how to carrier unlock and install the global rom to your OnePlus 6T, as far as I can remember it uses some program to sideload the global rom without bootloader unlock, after that you can unlock the bootloader (but you're still locked to T-Mobile), run adb, run a few wiping commands and your phone is now fully unlocked, as if you bought it from OnePlus.

  • what to do when it says "no devices or emulators found" after doing adb sideload

  • I could able to root the device. Great explanation. However looks like i lost the root access after installing system update. Is this expected ? what is the next step. follow the steps all over again to root ?

  • Hey So I Had Successfully Rooted My OnePlus 6t Using Your Method it Worked Great But Then I Started Theming My Phone To My Liking and Usually I Turn On USB Debugging But For Some Reason This Time I Didn't And Long Story Short I Have No System No TWRP or USB Debugging I Need Serious Help I Know I Should've Been More Careful

  • Please share vedio for vivo y83 pro 😐😐😐😐 I want to root my phone this is worst phone ever I want to root vivo Y83 pro

  • i have tmobile 6t…cant find any download files on your link…i need to unlock bootloader and root..please…trying to recover lost family photos…

  • please help me instali mui10 in mi a2 all well but I have trouble on storage
    I can not install the appl on playstor and camera request insert cart sd but for instalation file I instal file from copied on memory card not phone memory

  • Excuseme. What can I do if I misspelled the email when requesting the unlock token? Can I requesting again?

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