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NOTE: You have to proceed carefully since there are possibilities for your device to brick. Therefore, I held no responsibility of anything that would happen to your phone as a result of following this guide. As usual, always take full backup of your phone before you proceed more further.


FastBoot ROM:

adb Drivers:

Codes Required:

adb devices
adb reboot edl
fastboot oem device-info
fastboot oem device-info


45 Replies to “How To Unlock Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Bootloader Without Official Permission || Detailed Tutorial ||”

  1. It was very useful information for us, thank you for the same. For unlocking the Redmi note 3 you were provided supporting application links in the same youtube video description, in that first link that you provided data from your google drive was missing. kindly provide the same to me.

  2. does this still work? there's some problem with MI servers and I'm not able to unlock my phone officially

  3. What to do officially if Xiamoi rejects our permission.. mine also rejected but i want official permission plzz

  4. Thank you for this tutorial buddy but one question , does it work on xiaomi redmi Note 4 snapdragon processor

  5. after latest update, my 3s prime stuck on boot mi logo. Now i can access recovery mode and fastboot mode only. I had disabled USB debugging on my phone. what do i do now. in mi recovery there is only option to wipe data, reboot and connect with MIAssistant. I tried to flash with mi flash tool showing critical data partition locked or something of that sort. cant access root folder of my ohone so i can put file or rom in it to recovery from phone. What Can I Do now?

  6. this video is trash
    go to this link if you really want to unlock the bootloader –

  7. Can in any rom i paste the file and unlock bootloader and also install the rom file ihave 8.1.1 oreo rom does it work plz say?

  8. Do not follow these steps. System will not read your phones EFS partition, thus no sim, no wifi, no bluetooth. Undergone same hell. Had to flash latest fastboot rom using miFlash through edl mode.

  9. dude ,i follwed your instructions but during flash by miFlash software 'insufficent of storage' message has displayed in status my phone is not starting even to free the space ,while switching on mi symbol is popped out and going but phone is not starting.please help and suggest me a solution to power on mobile.

  10. please i request to all to dont ever do this , i have tried and now am pissed nothing is working on my phone
    and you owner please do tell what is not working before posting any such

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