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Here’s how to update the firmware of your Sandforce SSD drive. It’s really easy, but I thought I’d make a guide for those who don’t know how 🙂


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  1. hello

    my ssd few used completly died, is an intel 335series with 240gb , after i opened it i see the soundforce get overheat… i think the problem is soundforce controller and i need to replace it.. (after checking i see there is no capacitor/diode or resistors/fuses broken.) if i replace the controller is necessary a firmware update to be compatible with i tel platform? teach me what i should do..? if i remove the controller from a similar ssd and install on my ssd will work? i just need to recoverdata..

    the firmware on intel 335 is located in the soundforce controller or is a difderent chip?

  2. So, I have to go to another computer running windows 7 to update my OCZ Agility 3 firmware?? and that cmputer has to be in AHCI mode also??? if so no one i know has an ssd to be in ahci mode..can i change the other computer im using to ahci mode and then back to ide without messing it up??

  3. Can you update the firmware if you're already using it as a boot drive or would you have to do a clean install or plug it into another computer that is using a different boot drive?

  4. @adam411114 Yes. It's a common issue with Agilities and Vertexes. Update firmware, if freezing and bsods continue to appear, hit ocztechnologyforum(dot)com

  5. Linus, I recently got an ocz agility 3 ssd, and I have had some strange blue screes, this could be due to the firmware on my ssd??

  6. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a 120g SATA 3 SSD and I'm wondering whether I should go with an Intel or OCZ (or something else). Thanks for the info.

  7. I have problems with a Silicon power V30 60GB SSD it's showing poor results in benchmarks like HDTune. Why can that be? I tested 2 boards and they have Sata3.

  8. Thanks for posting this Linus, I've been waiting for the stability issues to be fix for the sata 3 drives before I got one and now I can 😀

  9. @Lepsche95 you cant update it if its your boot drive :(, try to install windows on a usb stick or some other device and boot from that to update your ssd 🙂

  10. @CRAKIZGOOD No, but SandForce does employ excellent GC (garbage collection) when in a Raid configuration.

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