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The information in this video applies to the following Philips TV series: 6400, 7200, 7500, 8100, 8600, 9000

Model numbers under the 6400 series:
32PFS6402/12; 43PUS6412/12; 43PUS6432/12; 43PUS6452/12; 49PUS6412/12; 49PUS6432/12; 49PUS6452/12; 49PUS6482/12; 55PUS6412/12; 55PUS6432/12; 55PUS6452/12; 55PUS6482/12; 65PUG6412/55; 65PUG6412/77; 65PUG6412/78; 65PUS6412/12; 65PUT6412/71; 65PUT6412C/71

Model numbers under the 7200 series:
43PUS7202/12; 49PUS7272/12; 55PUS7272/12

Model numbers under the 7500 series:
49PUS7502/05; 49PUS7502/12; 55PUS7502/05; 55PUS7502/12; 65PUS7502/05; 65PUS7502/12

Model numbers under the 8100 series:

Model numbers under the 8600 series:
55PUS8602/12; 55PUS8602/05; 65PUS8602/05; 65PUS8602/12

Model numbers under the 9000 series:
55POS9002/12; 55POS9002/05; 65POD901C/30; 55POD901F/30


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Disclaimer: this video is for information purposes only and is not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. Your TV and accessories may differ in size or model from the TV shown in the video. Please consult your User Manual for a detailed description of the unpacking, installation and set-up of the TV and accessories. No rights can be derived from this video. Philips, the shield emblem and the brand line ‘innovation and you’ are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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31 Replies to “How to update software over USB – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]”

  1. Please help sir. Good evening, im from philippines. I bought phillips smart tv model # 55PUT6103/56 in dubai UAE. Im in philippines now. My problem is the tv channels are black n white and no sound. I think maybe i dont know where to adjust the pal secam/ ntsc or auto. Can u help me how to find that settings? Or do u have and suggestions. Thank you in advance.

  2. I have 49PUS7909/12 from 3 weeks YOUTUBE not working. Many times i update my smart tv and always i find note ( your tv is up to date) but still youtube not working.
    I glade if you help out me. Thanks

  3. my tv model is 39PFL4707G/78 and when i turn it on all it shows is the philips logo. I made the process of upgrade and still freeze on the logo. what can i do? Please help me 🙁

  4. which latest update is on 42PFL6008S/12 ? Because my smart tv its lagging when something doing different time when click and after loading

  5. Hello thanks for sharing this!
    My tv is 55PUS7363/12
    Now first after last update I have a question to you guys. Why you change and delete few good time and click saving options from louncher? it's not Ok when someting work well and somewone cut this thing!
    How to downgrade with older firmware with this metod! I'm with last android Oreo 8 but I want to downgrade with oldest firmware with old louncher, because there have better options for fast needs to all installed apps and Google play have more settings. In last update I dont see this option for installed apps and few of my apps in the louncher are missing. There dont have option to add this missing app icons in favorites. Every time when I need to lounch some missing app, I need to go to settings, click down, down, down maybe 10 times to go to all installed apps and open manualy this apps, few times i need to stop manual some crash app. All these things waste my time, because they are not good enough to save your and my time and comfort. This its slow option in last firm, the oldest louncher haved better options for saving time.
    Ok i folowed instructions but i have problem with versions!
    The filename of firmware is: autorun-TPM171E_R. but after update via USB, my Tv say something like that "You are with last firmware verrsion, you are unable to install oldest verssion" What i need to change in the file-name or somthing else to make sucessful downgrade? Thanks!

  6. Sir i am facing a menu auto appears on screen continuosly

    Please give me a software download link for philips 22pfl 3549 v7 led tv software sir

    Please help me sir its frustrating me alot

  7. I have the 43" 43PFT5853/56 Smart TV and it seems that it's configured only for Dubai where I bought it. I brought it with me here in the Philippines and now I'm having issues with the channel configuration it can't seem to properly auto detect the channels because of the location. I found this video and I want to try flashing the OS on the TV and reinstall the software however I can't find the software for my TV, I found 43" 43PFT5102/71 Smart TV instead. can I use the software for the latter TV for mine? thanks.

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