How To Update The Firmware On Your SSD

Today we update the firmware on our SSD

TLDW: 10:37
Grab BackBlaze here:
samsung disk magician:
crucial storage executive:
kingston ssd manager:
intel ssd toolbox:

Checkout PIA:

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  • I'm a new customer who purchased MX500 250GB SSD. I've revived an old 32-bit Intel laptop, but I felt really bad to read this note:

    Storage Executive only available for 64-bit systems.

    I'd love to use this software. How to get it for Windows 10?

  • i have a chance to update but i dont have any optical drives ,will i take the risk or wait to get one(If it deletes everyting does it mean it will delete my OS too)? Also does updating your ssd helps stop ssd going to 100% and freezing?

  • Ive tried to update my firmware on my ssd's but usually when i first get them and install the software so it sets it up and then ill check for an update and usually i dont need an update . Now that i have watched this video and realize some of my ssd's are 1-2 years past that first update check , so im now checking all of them for update availability . Thanks for the reminder . cheers

  • Ive been watching your videos for about a year now and always thought you have at least 100k subs today i looked at its 15k wtf you deserve at least that 100k

  • Good video. I tried updating my Samsung on the older system which is running glorious Vista, and of course I get an error saying it requires Windows NT. I then downloaded on my daily Win7 computer, I just weirded out when the installer on Magician asked if I was in an European country with GDPR. I do need to update, but I cannot reboot easily, so that will have to wait.

    The Samsung 850 PRO benchmarked at Seq 404MBs Read and 344MBs Write and Random (IOPS) 37,109 Read and 26,123.

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