How To Use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Using Platform Tools on CMD (Fix Powershell not working)

Maybe some of us are constrained in Windows 10 using Powershell as the latest command prompt. But when trying to run platform-tools error. I have another method that might have been explained a lot but at least I made a video so that beginners can understand it easily. I just downloaded the platform tools for Windows. The difference is that when I use Linux, sometimes ADB is already there, just use it. And like embedded in the Terminal. Here I use the standard black CMD. And access the platform-tools directory manually. Just follow the video.

Tools :
1. CMD (included on Windows)
2. Platform Tools (link : download on sector “Download”)
3. Universal ADB Driver (link : )
4. Your Android Driver (If you have installed the ADB universal driver it still does not work. In my case, I couldn’t run ADB if my LG cellphone driver wasn’t installed.)
5. Internet connection (for download these files).


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