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Maybe some of us are constrained in Windows 10 using Powershell as the latest command prompt. But when trying to run platform-tools error. I have another method that might have been explained a lot but at least I made a video so that beginners can understand it easily. I just downloaded the platform tools for Windows. The difference is that when I use Linux, sometimes ADB is already there, just use it. And like embedded in the Terminal. Here I use the standard black CMD. And access the platform-tools directory manually. Just follow the video.

Tools :
1. CMD (included on Windows)
2. Platform Tools (link : download on sector “Download”)
3. Universal ADB Driver (link : )
4. Your Android Driver (If you have installed the ADB universal driver it still does not work. In my case, I couldn’t run ADB if my LG cellphone driver wasn’t installed.)
5. Internet connection (for download these files).


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