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1) Make Sure that you have USB drivers installed for your Phone (usually Phone interface Software has it but also Windows can automatically download from the net)

2) Connect Android Phone to computer / Laptop using USB cable and on the Phone, activate the “Tethering” option

3) Goto Device Manager and under “Other devices” you will find your Android Phone… Right_Click on it and select update_driver

4) Select that you will update Driver yourself from your Computer with Device type as “Network Adaptors” — Microsoft — Remote NDIS Internet Sharing Device

5) After you update the Driver… you will see that “Android Phone” in “Other devices” in Device Manager will be shifted to “Network Adaptors” Category with a new name Remote NDIS Internet sharing Device

6) This is your New USB Modem… just Connect and Browse.


12 Replies to “How to use Android Phone as USB Modem in Windows 7, 8,10”

  1. Thank you! I thought I would never make my phone run as USB modem!
    One small addition though – the driver can be listed not under "Microsoft" but under "Microsoft Corporation", at least for me it is.

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