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Things you will need:
USB on the go cable:

Amazon India:

USB type C on the go:

Amazon India:


29 Replies to “how to use phone if touch screen does not work, take backup and do factory reset”

  1. i really never knew this. Ive been in love with androids and android hacking for a long time, but recently my gf's phone had an issue so it helped alot!! you rock man! it worked.

  2. Thankyou for this but it does did not help me 😢 my screen keeps flashing on and off and can't see well enough to put the pass in even fml..

  3. Help. my phones touchscreen still works but sometimes it wont. Theres one time I was typing on the keyboard and then this problem occurs. I cant the screen wont respong to where i touch. But i can still see the cursor blink as if that nothing happened. Would i still do the factory reset?

  4. I have a different kind of problem. My screen is black. The touch screen sometimes work. I'm able to pick up calls, but I can't see anything on the screen.

  5. Is there another way? I tried this on my old samsung SM- G313H and it doesn't work😞 but it works on other phones.

    What's other option or way other than replacing screen ?

  6. Hi,
    Is this technique will work if phone rebooted after factory reset. Will the otg cable and mouse support if touch is not working.

  7. Hello bro my problem is a little complicated
    Firstly, I have lost my memory card and just 15 days back i bought it. Is there a possibilty to access my broken touch screen android with pc by accessing internal storage in this scenario or i need to buy it again.
    Secondly, Can i also retrieve my internal data on my pc

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