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The slider revolution plugin for wordpress allows you to create some really amazing sliders for your wordpress website. IT has more than 200+ templates to help get you started and after watching this tutorial you can expect to learn how to create your own wordpress slider with the slider revolution plugin

Here are some of the timestamps that i talked about in the video


Creating A Slider: 3:59
Template Library: 34:50
Using The Addons: 41:41
General Settings: 50:34
Advanced Features: 1:01:27

Also, if there was something i missed in this slider revolution tutorial, feel free to let me know in the comments below and if there was something i missed, go ahead and let me know! I really hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and have a great day!

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24 Replies to “How To Use The Revolution Slider Plugin 6.0 – FULL TUTORIAL 2020”

  1. Hey everyone! This was a long awaited tutorial! If you haven’t used the slider revolution, you must be living under a rock because you can do some amazing things with it! Make sure to push the thumbs up!! 👍🏻

  2. Anytime I search a video on YouTube and yours appear on the list. My happiness level increase x2. Thanks a bunch man 🙌🙌

  3. Incredibly nice of you to take the time to do this tutorial. Excellent job and you have helped me and LOTS of other people.

  4. Brilliant tutorial. Exactly what I needed…………….. I confess I left at 35 mins with the basics to get me started for my requirements, as from then on in the direction changed a little. Thanks for this.

  5. Hi Darrel, thanks for a very descriptive video! i am a novice, so please help me here! when i add a background, on the desktop it shows perfectly fine. However, when i toggle the slider to mobile preview, the back ground is cut and it takes just the central part of the background and doesn't show the whole picture. How do i correct this?

  6. OMG I stopped watch and listening to your video because you continued to call this full grown WOMAN a girl. Please tell your mother she did horrible job of raising a good man or should I say BOY!!!!!

  7. You overuse the term "right here".
    It gets old pretty quickly. Please consider finding synonyms for that…

  8. I installed the Eduma theme and your slider is included. I receive the error "oops slider with alias home page not found" when I view my home page, but when I look at it through Elementor it is there and seems to be working fine. It seems this is a very common problem with this slider, but I cannot find a solution. I tried to fix it through wpbakery and that just makes a mess. This was supposed to be simple. If I can't get an answer, then I am not going to use it. I have wasted hours trying to find a solution.

  9. I am just learning, and this was frustrating. You go way to fast. Your cursor goes to a spot, and you say click here, save here, close here. I can't see where it went, I'm not familiar with a previous version, and I don't have anyway to reference the things you talk about. The tool is very useful and cool, but you lost me.

  10. I'm considering filing a class action against Themeforest. They WordPress templates that looks nothing like what you saw on their website. You end up having to paid extra money for someone to set it up as you saw it on Themeforest website. Additionally, this particular plug in is a scam. Had I known the Revolution Slider is useless as Darrel Wilson said, I would not have bought the WP theme with this piece of shit plugin. There's a reason why Apple clearly labeled apps with "in app purchase". To avoid lawsuit. But thanks for this tut.

  11. You ruined a plugin that was perfect. Since 6.0 you don't understand anything anymore, slow and a big problem finding the settings.

  12. Hello can you do a tutorial for the Row Layers, I'm am having trouble when I change from Notebook to Movile devices.

  13. Thanks for taking the time yo make this video. V5 was terrific and V6 dumbfounds me. Could you please take a few minutes and explain the "Wait" prompt on the timelines…Thanks again

  14. Hi Darrel, I saw your tutorial and it's really very useful, thanks for sharing it!!!. I have a question, I want to add a layer / video to my slide, and I have the mp4 video file. I can import the video to my slide, this is ok, but how can I loop the video?, I've got a strange "blink" effect when trying to loop it. Could you help me with that please?. Thanks in advance!!!.

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