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How to install Tomato Firmware:


More information on Tomato (By Shibby) Firmware can be found here:

Disclaimer: Please install and use any third party firmware on your wireless router at your own risk and beware doing this might void the manufacturer’s warranty and if something goes wrong there is a chance to permanently damage and brick your wireless router. I do not hold any responsibility on what happens after you use the information in this video. This video is for educational purpose only.


22 Replies to “[HOWTO] Turn your USB Printer into a Wireless Printer (using Tomato Router)”

  1. Didn't work for me, router saw the printer and is using the correct drivers, but no one can print to it on the network, So I shared it on the network from my PC…Grrrr

  2. Cool video! Well thought out and taught to completion.
    The best part was when you pulled the USB cable… "Now it's it wireless!"
    You cracked me up! Thanks.

  3. My printer has scanner in it. Can I scan through that router? Any app on android, so I can print from my smartphone?

  4. Hello Behfor, this is driving me crazy, i can't do this cos my router is not listed in the tomato shibby. I use a spectrum router. Please help

  5. man i watch all of your videos and help me a lot so i have a question, can this work on my ddwrt repeater ,is that possible not in my main adsl2 modem/router,but in my ddwrt wireless repeater bridge

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