Huami Amazfit 2 Stratos – Flash English and Italian ROM

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To install English working ROM on the Amazfit 2, please CAREFULLY follow the instructions from the thread @ xda:

Follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have working adb and fastboot on your PC and have the bootloader unlocked on the watch, for the AmazFit Stratos you need to unlock the bootloader on the site:
use the following commands:
adb shell reboot bootloader
after you are booted into fastboot, type:
fastboot getvar all
This will show you the bootloader version.
More information you may find here:
2. Download the zip file to your PC and unzip the content
3. Windows: double click the file “Install.bat”
macOS: open console, go to the StratOS downloaded folder and type ./
4. If you haven’t already connect the watch to the PC, do it now and press enter
5. The tool will copy the necessary files to the clock and start the installation. We have to wait a little bit.
ATTENTION you may have a OK and FAILED strings in console is perfectly normal!
The installation takes about 8-10 minutes and you can see the progress directly from the watch, at the end of the app optimization the watch will start in Italian but you can change language in my custom menu.

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Useful links ◕‿◕ : – ✔ official website
– ✔ Amazfit 2 smartwatch( International version SALE!) – ✔ more reviews and deals
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  • Tried several times. I keep getting into Fastboot and then it hangs up on waiting for devices and can't display the needed information to get the unlock code. Unfortunate 🙁

  • Problem! I installed it according to your instructions. When it is launched, I get the message “unfortunately Launcher has stopped”. What do I do? It can’t get to the screen. Please PM me or reply. Thank you for your help.

  • Hi, I've a pb with the version of the OS when I try to get the unlock code. I found "V1.1 20130322" but it's refused. Can you help me please. Thank you.

  • I am having the problem after flashing the rom its show unfortunately launcher has stopped working or hmdesk clock stopped working help pls what should i do now ?

  • Hi.. after I flashed my watch I keep getting this update messages … But when I try to update it show me an error message… Is there any way to take out the update notification?

  • Want to check with those already owned Amazfit 2 English versioned, is that possible to install Nike Running App?

  • i tried to buy the original Amazfit 2 thru this link:
    but they are out of stock. I wanna buy the one with the Chinese rom and flash it. Any links with stock?

  • Great videos, love your enthusiasm and passion for this. Just a side note (4:38), please include "her" into the tech speech as they are a great new addition to an already awesome inclusive community. (no bashing or flaming meant in any way)

  • From Amazfit Twitter Account : We'll only support Amazfit Stratos (A1619). Do not purchase (A1609) if you want English support.

  • I have a problem when obtaining the bootloader version, when I set the watch in the fastboot mode and then I type:
    fastboot getvar all
    The watch disconnects froñ the computer and it says : waitin for any device
    Anybody knows how to solve it?
    Thank you very much

  • Wow nice. Today i went to a xiaomi store and they told me its only in Chinese language :p but now i can buy it and add English language thanks to you 😊

  • Good morning. Many thanks for the enlightening video. I would like to ask a question. If I buy the Chinese version and leave the watch as it is, without installing the custom ROM, will I still be able to install the official International firmware after it is released or will I have to buy a second watch in order to have the official English language with all the updates?

  • tech4all I'm very happy to see your tutorial. My wife bought me one of those and I've noticed that it is a chinese only version, so it's being transported right now. Either I will return it or try to install the english rom.
    Do you think it is possible to reverse back to original rom once official international (english) ones are available?

  • A simple question.. If I put the English rom to the watch will be making any updates in the feature or not?

  • Connection with a Heart Rate Belt works perfectly!!!!!! Really impressed so far by the quality of the product!

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