I Drank Greens Powder for 2 Weeks and This Is What Happened | GREENS POWDER | Mauricette Diaz


Welcome back to the Channel! In this video I share with you what happened after I drank Greens Powder for 2 Weeks!
I decided to give Greens Powder a try since I had been experiencing bloating and digestion discomfort and I wanted to see if this helped me feel better.

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Bloom Nutrition:

Just FYI, this is not an add for Bloom Nutrition and I am in no way affiliated with the company (besides being a fan).

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  • New sub! This was just gifted to me by my dr. The green juice powder! I am so blessed. I could never afford this. $80! Its gotta be good. I went all organic and 6 weeks I have lost close to 30Ilbs from just eating all organic and superfoods. Nice to see this from a womem's point of view. Thank you! Stay safe and blessed! 🦋

  • Ps.
    Example: Changing a normal apple into a powder isn't the same as a fresh picked apple from a good soil process yummm yum

  • Just about all supplements has not been tested and approved by the FDA so people are taken a chances on the so called: clinical approved way because FDA take years of testing. Remember after it's been tested by the FDA it's pretty dang safe for ya.. Some new clinical approved stuff your taking chances in the long run…
    I'm guilty to sometimes lol

  • Just FYI, this is not an ad for Bloom Nutrition and I am in no way affiliated with the company (besides being a fan).

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