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Here is 5 things that we learned watching United put 5 past LASK in the most recent Europa League match. This could be the last match we see from United for a while, so we need to hope that our form continues and won’t dip after a few weeks away.

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31 Replies to “Ighalo Scores Again! | 5 Things We Learned vs LASK | LASK 0-5 Man Utd”

  1. It’s sad football gets cancelled but if we look at the bright side we will come back with a stronger squad with rashford and pogba

  2. Geez, Ighalo could’ve been Suarez’ #9 replacement at Barca 🤔 he’s better than Griezmann, Braithwaite and Fati. Dang, we got lucky!🙏🏼🙌🏼

  3. Ighalo: I want to play football, I need to get as far away from Corona virus as possible

    Corona Virus: 😜

  4. Anyone else’s but thinks our best team is gk David, AWB, linderloff, magure, Williams, Fred, Scot, Bruno, rashford, martial, n Greenwood

  5. I think Ole suspected that the Premier league will be suspended and that is why he choose the best squad in this match

  6. Just as we're developing the league is called off for a bit. Gutted I want to see how we can weather the storm but unfortunately can't do that now. My school was closed yesterday and for that I'm glad but I want football.

  7. Mason is super sub for Man United this season..last minute sub still managed to score a goal…🔥🔥🔥👏

  8. If you watch Odion's joining interview, you will have 0 doubt about him. Oh and he was quarantined in the first 14 days at Man Utd – Training alone – then pops up and scores, basic.

  9. 5 games to go to secure UCL spot via EL (i dont count 2nd leg against LASK) EL trophy > top 4/5 (5 if guarantee a UCL next season) and then its suspended, and maybe its over…damn you china

  10. Spurs have been saved by Coronavirus tbh. By the time the match gets played they might actually have an uninjured first team xD We'll still boi them tho (obvs)

    p.s. in regards to Ighalo, humble brag but I kinda figured he'd do well, just didn't expect his goals to be so tasty lol. He didn't leave the PL for lack of transfer interest or dwindling talent, he left because the Chinese league pays through the roof, can u blame him? An old school, hard working, thrifty number 9 who will actually be in the 6 yard box when we need him to be, I'd be happy to have him stay on another season as a rotational squad player.

  11. I love this clean sheet stat in Europe business when every team around us in the table is playing champions league football and we’re in the europa league 😂

  12. 6th thing we learnt. Howson loves his rum and his love for rum makes it hard for him to walk. Legend keep up the good work!

  13. I reckoned ighalo was gonna be a decent baller, felt our luck was in we were due a break, alot of doubters were banter merchants and other clubs fans

  14. Well if they’re worried about packed stadiums being an issue, City should be able to continue playing just fine.

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