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The third episode in a series “Animating Great Artists,” where I show motion designers how to approach animating work of a variety of styles and show illustrators how to approach animating their own work.

In this episode, I’m tackling the work of Burnt Toast Creative. I go through the process of character animation from to After Effects (via Frame by Frame) workflow. This tutorial is suitable for beginners – intermediate users.

►Illustration by Burnt Toast Creative:

I’m uploading new motion design tutorials every week!

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Massive thanks to madmomentsgo for providing that amazing music for my intro!
check out his other brilliant work here:

“Le Grand Chase” Kevin MacLeod (
“Magic Scout – Farm” Kevin MacLeod (
“Killing Time” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

~ God bless Kevin ~


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50 Replies to “Illustrator to After Effects ft. Burnt Toast – Animation Workflow & Tutorial”

  1. Roommate: "What are you watching?"
    Me: "This tutorial on how to animate a guy slamming himself with a trash can lid that causes his limbs to flail upward…"
    Roommate: "…why?"
    Me: "…because Ben Marriott uploaded it"

  2. This is amazing!! all the attention to detail, all the thought wow definitely want to try testing out some animation !

  3. The title said illustrator to after effect. Then you made frame by frame animation in photoshop.

  4. I don’t really understand the difference between adobe animator and adobe after effects, could you make a vid on that?

  5. does someone know a free motion graphic software for creating animations like these? Would be happy if someone responds 🙃

  6. what kind of App did you use for the animation progress
    and if it is an app can you get it on Ipad or PC?

  7. It is no clear!! how do you import the archive from ilustrador and it to permit to edit en after efect, to my es like png imagens, donde let me uses like vector…

  8. I'm loving your tutorial and learning series! Much more in-depth than the Classroom In A Book series.

  9. nice tutorial man great job…. i have a video please watch I am using only fractal noises, stock images, stock videos, and displacement maps in after effects hope you like…..

  10. Hey Ben, have you tried Overload? It's an extension that makes importing Illustrator assets/files/layers into After Effects a breeze. It even supports gradients and whatnot. Granted though, it is around 40 bucks.

  11. Dude, watching you blow up this past year has made so many of us so happy, thank you. Request: I'd love to learn a bit more on shading (highlights and shadows). You know… when you're not insanely busy (haha yea right!). Would love your insight on this process. Can we not just create shadows/highlights within illustrator?

  12. Hi Ben !

    First of all thx a lot for all your tutorial videos ! It's really helpfull 🙂
    I'm writting this cuz I have an issue with this technique and I wonder if maybe you can help.

    When I try to convert a vector layer to a shape layer in after effect, it creats two groupes (two shapes I think) : the contour on one side, the substance on the other…
    Most of all, when we look at the contour, it's composed of two vectors : one around, one inside :/
    In result I can't edit my shape at once, I have to edit the outside of contour, then the inside, then the substance.
    Info : I draw vectors layers using brush tool on illustrator.

    Do you know what I can do ?

    I hope my explanation is clear enough, my english isn't that perfect yet :p

    Many thx Ben, you'r the best !


  13. Thank you for coming to bilibili to help us learn. I like your AE tutorial very much. I like the video style as well.٩(๑^o^๑)۶

  14. Hi Ben, may I know how do you add shadow in while working on the limps/parts? I used pen tool for the shape but if I redrew for the darker tone (shadow) the black stroke will be over lay by the shadow… omg hope you understand my English LOL

  15. You “used the free plugin Adam defxvf%#$^ 2” it was inaudible…That’s critical info, we need to know that. Thumbs down until then.

  16. As an animator in training (they should give me a paper hat) via self teaching and trial by fire work, I really appreciated seeing your workflow. Also, I want to discover the great animators and illustrators out there to watch and learn from. Anyone have suggestions?

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