Sandisk usb 3.0:
OTG cable:
Micro USB HUB Adaptor :
UGREEN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter with USB 2.0 Hub:

Items In Video/ At Home Below:

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote:

Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices:

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa:

Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD security camera:

Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built in:

Equipment I Use To Make Videos Below:

HDMI Game Capture Card HD Video Capture 1080P:

Blue Yeti USB Microphone:

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR:

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  • Nathan , Why would my recording stop on my USB drive? I record a program to USB and it will start recording to USB and then after 5 mins or so it stops recording? Any ideas? I have a 256GB USB drive so more then enough space..

  • I have an amazon firebox that is so loaded with amazon stuff that I can't even watch a movie on netflix. Keeps interrupting and saying 'critically low storage'. The ONLY thing left on the fire stick that ISN'T amazon is Netflix. Will this cable allow me to increase my storage? I have a 2T external storage device. Will I be able to hook this up to the fire box and not get interrupted again? Not sure I understand, but I ordered the cables.

  • How do you record a movie from cinema to the USB directly to a USB because it goes directly to the Amazon fire Stick and I don't want to go there I wanted to go directly to the USB how do I do that

  • So I moved my movie apps and Kodi over to the USB drive and still only have 1.45 GB of storage available. Can the DCIM and Android folders on the firestick be moved to the flashdrive as well?

  • Hello Sir, I I just love your channel! You are a great teacher. I have followed one of your videos on increasing my external drives. Everything is great and works except for the file manager it doesn’t matter which one I try. I click on the USB 1003 and it crashes and I have to restart every time. What is causing this. I need to move things around and can’t. Please someone help.

  • If you transfer a program to your thumb drive or other memory card… will you still be able to run the program directly from the home screen or do you have to transfer it back everytime you want to use it?

  • Thanks so much I have adapter haven’t been able to get it to connect. With your video I was able to fine it and move stuff just like you did thanks again

  • hi ,followed your directions exactly , to increase storage space ,,BUT, when I got to the page listing Firelinked …. to continue….. to the remote ADB Shell page using my DNS number and the 5555 code, pressed connect, "Connection Failed ",connection refused ,pops up????Now what ? Any suggestions???? thx

  • Had an OTG laying around, so tried it out. Firestick would give me a black screen when I tried turning it on. I ordered the OTG you linked, gonna try that out when I get it, and I also got myself a 128gb flash drive, once again, the one you linked, and see if that fixes things for me.

  • I'm plugged in and ready to go, but you didn't say that ES File Explorer is not free, $9.99 a month. Do you have a free one?
    How did you get it for free? Why don't coders tell you in the front how much they want? "Free to download" doesn't cut it. It's deceptive.

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