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Get your Oculus Quest here:
64GB version:

128GB version:

Download the following zip file and sideload app apks contained within.

Old link (had to make the one on GDrive above as the original one below got maxed out on bandwidth for the month of February).

How To put your Quest/Go in developer mode in 60 seconds or less:

You will need to sideload these apk files onto your Quest. Here is less than 3 minute tutorial on how to do this:

Please note, all these settings will revert to defaults when you reboot the Oculus Quest, none of these settings are permanent. Each time you reboot your Quest, you will need to reactivate adb over tcpip on 5555 by connecting it to your computer and running the command “adb tcpip 5555” from within the adb folder, or anywhere if adb is installed in your system path. Let me know if you have any questions!


40 Replies to “INCREASE the Resolution on your Oculus Quest from INSIDE the Oculus Quest”

  1. thank you for making this video stuff confused me in this video but i used side quest to import the resolution files to my quest then i used adb tcpip 5555 to allow the quest to change the resolution 🙂

  2. The difference is night and day. However over 1536px it becomes kind of laggy in game. Too bad cause 2048 is amazing.
    It may be not possible, but it would be nice if you could mod the higher resolutions to have fixed foveated rendering. Center of the view with the full high pixel density, but the sides with lower resolution. If you could do that it would be amazing!

  3. Is this not working anymore? I got everythin installed and see the options in my library but if i select one, nothing happens.

  4. Hi, I got to the end but when I typed adb tcpip 5555 my quest was kicked off my computer and when I click on the resolutions within the quest, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks

  5. I have followed your instructions about putting the resolution files. Files show up on Oculus Quest. When I first put on the headset, I allowed USB debugging from my PC. After going through the command prompt, I followed the instructions to type in "adb tcpip 5555" and said it was successful. Once I disconnected my Quest from the computer, I could see the files on my Quest under "Unknown Sources". On this screen, it says they are "installed". When I click on any of the files, it takes me to Oculus TV. I can also see the resolution files displayed however, when I click on any of the files, the screen on the Oculus screen blinks but does not goes black like yours does in the video tutorial. The resolution does not change. What do you think the possible issue is??

  6. Bro, revisiting this.. Couldnt you use your phone (Android) to initate adb to quest? I think I have run SSH on quest from phone before. I say this because when traveling

  7. I see:
    1. Download all the apks in the link and install them on Quest (You can use sidequest/adblink, etc.), and then you can see the resolution option under "oculus TV"
    2. Execute "adb tcpip 5555" in the adb tool on your computer (also can found in sidequest/adblink).(then you can unplug the usb cable)
    3. Switch resolution in Quest
    Ps: this resolution is only the serrated part of the edge of the object, the center does not seem to change.

  8. I assume this can only be used for videos and not competitive multiplayer games, do you have any experience doing this with games like pavlov?

  9. didnt work on my quest its on developer mode but opening the app just brings me to the tv app and opening them from the tv app does nothing

  10. Can someone reupload this to another host (Google Drive, etc)? This account has apparently reached its limit and the link no longer works. Thanks.

  11. please help I can't get the headset to connect to sidequest. the debugging screen never pops up in the headset either

  12. Great tutorial, thanks ! However it seems that the zip file containing the apk is not downloadable anymore, could someone provide another link ? Thanks again for the video, very clear !

  13. This worked well for me. The difference is staggering. 2048 is pretty much the max I can run without visibly getting jitters. Will probably keep it at 1560.

    Couple of questions. Do we have to run the adb command every time we reboot the device? I've noticed that the changes don't apply after a reboot anymore. Also, the guardian system stopped working with these changes.

    EDIT: Guardian worked after reboot along with the res settings. All's good.

  14. I have tried everything and cant get the apps to make a change. Installed step by step but the icons do not change. Also the icons themselves fr the different resolutions are very large. Was so hoping this would help. 🙁

  15. This doesn't work. Whenever I install it the file doesn't show up. I've looked everywhere and still can't find it. any tips?

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