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Scott Disick’s house is sleek and modern without sacrificing a homey, kid-friendly feel for he and Kourtney Kardashian’s three children. This understated California house features a first floor wine cellar, an idyllic infinity pool and a master bathroom larger than most NYC apartments.

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Inside Scott Disick’s Home with an Amazing Car Collection | Open Door | Architectural Digest


49 Replies to “Inside Scott Disick's Home with an Amazing Car Collection | Open Door | Architectural Digest”

  1. scott ur house is not empty but empty just becoz kourtney is missing.
    You Really Look Empty Without KOURTNEY No Matter What You Do.

  2. A lot of innovations and advanced technology technical skill intelligences are incredible absolutely 👍visible

  3. lolol … shows ya how less ive kept informed, bc i watched this and have noooooo idea who he is! Someone with a lot of Mulllaaaaah

  4. Scott hasn’t driven the Range Rover yet but he says if you take everything leave the Range Rover…i guess he just likes looking at it

  5. What does this guy do again? I'm dead serious… Besides being married to a Kardashian…. Is he like a hedge fund manager or something? Just curious.

  6. At 1:34 he says "it holds 500 bottles of your finest wine" and I see a bottle of Barefoot Bubbles hahaha hahahahaha he got payed big time for that..GROSSS

  7. Leave him with the Range Rover and after driving for a couple of hours you’ll find him parked on the side of I-405 calling AAA to get his Range Rover towed cause it left him stranded and won’t start up anymore 😂

  8. At 2:30 scoot has the perfect little hiding place if someone broke in but he should of kept that part all closed off where there was no sliding door

  9. Looks like an expensive Airbnb. No family photos, no trinkets, no flowers or house plants. Doesn't look lived in.

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