Install ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS X

This is just a simple and quick tutorial on how to VERY EASILY set up ADB and Fastboot on your Mac computer 🙂 Forget about any other tutorials or any other videos from anybody else because this is the absolute quickest and easiest most efficient way to get the job done!

From start to finish you will have everything set up in 2 minutes or less guaranteed!!

Here is the link to the necessary files:

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  • Last login: Sun Nov 18 02:27:48 on ttys000
    Septianas-MacBook-Air:~ Abdulhoni$ sudo ~/Desktop/Android/
    This will install ADB and Fastboot on your computer.
    Root Permissions required. Please type your password.
    Changed directory to /Users/Onyhoni/Desktop/Android
    Moving ADB
    mv: rename Mac/adb_Mac to /usr/bin/adb: Operation not permitted
    ADB Moved to /usr/bin/adb
    moving Fastboot
    mv: rename Mac/fastboot_Mac to /usr/bin/fastboot: Operation not permitted
    Fastboot moved to /usr/bin/fastboot
    You may now run Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot commands
    Have a nice day.
    Septianas-MacBook-Air:~ Abdulhoni$

    Not Work

    How TO Solusion .
    Create . Video How to Acces Permitted . Folfer . Usr/bin

    Thaks before

  • Hi I'v followed the instructions, got to: You may now run Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot commands. Have a nice day. But when I open a new terminal and type adb it says: -bash: adb: command not found. Is there something Im doing wrong?

  • Can not get this to work at all, it says its installed but when type adb get command not found. I noticed even though it says its installed it says file not found when copying them to /usr/bin/adb and also copying them to local doesn't work either.

  • DUDE! You are barely audible (have to strain my ears) to hear anything,and you need to zoom in on what you are typing (one has to strain their eyes to see those small green lines in the black command window or use a magnifying glass).

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