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Freedom is a right. In the case of software it is a choice. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!





INSTALL OMNISD: The sideload of third-party apps belongs to the nature of Firefox OS which is the heart that beats and moves KaiOS, find out how to do with (or without) the jailbreak guides! –

BACKUP: Commands and special tools. Protect your device in case of damage. Don’t be unprepared, keep ready for adventure! –

ROOT: Temporary root using our apps (Telnetd, ADBRoot and Wallace), how to create your custom Recovery and enable root permissions on your Firmware using abootimg (for KaiOS and Android)! –

DEVELOPMENT: Get to know KaiOS (structure and debug mode) and all the tools (ADB, WebIDE) to tame it using guides, links (how to create your own app and learn about development) and other useful tools! –

CUSTOMIZATIONS: Remove stock apps, enable a swapfile as support the RAM and to improve the performances, customize the stock apps, tips and tricks, GerdaOS, custom ROMs…and much more! –


KAIOS DEVICES: A complete list of models ideal for tests, those to be discarded and those to be discovered! –

List for developers / Debug-enabled devices (best KaiOS phones):
– for Nokia 8110 4G, Nokia 800 Tough, Nokia 2720 Flip, MTN Smart S 3G, Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 and some Alcatel Go Flip just dial *#*#33284#*#* to enable the debugging USB, a bug icon should appear in the taskbar;
– for Alcatel 3088, Orange Sanza, Nobby 231, Positivo P70S, Energizer E241 & E241s, H242 & H242s, E220 & E220s, H241, H280S, P280s and Tigo Kitochi 4G dial *#*#33284#*#* and then *#*#0574#*#* to enable the debugging USB from the menu.
– for CAT B35, Jio Phone & Jio Phone 2 no debug code works, use EDL tools.

– Blocked devices (no solution found from our researchers):
Alcatel MyFlip / A405DL, Acatel SMARTFLIP, BLU Zoey Smart, Doro 7060 / 7050 / 7070, Hape Online (Ooredoo), Maxcom MK241, Sigma X-Style S3500 sKai and Vodacom Smart Kitochi.

– Unknown devices (still no researchers):
Accent Nubia 50K, Africell Afriphone, Zantel Smarta, TECNO T901, Multilaser ZAPP, QMobile 4G Plus, Jazz Digit 4G, Telma Wi-Kif 3G and 4G Plus …and many more are coming….


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  1. how is your computer seeing your phone in the folder view. mine does come up in the folder view. if i plug the phone in to the pc in devices on my windows 10 pc it comes up andriod but in the folders no sign of nokia 8110.

  2. Breaking news Two agents of official KaiOS support team recently joined your KaiOS Discord Server community seems like they are influence with Gerda 👍🏻😂

  3. My problem is that the computer wont recognize my phone. I did debug my phone. Use oyher usb cabels. But it wil still be usb station d?: . In the computer settings there isnt option for usb files transfer. I am stuck .. dont know what to do now

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