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In this video I show you how to install a Wireless Access Point (WAP) to an existing wired network. Then I show you how to configure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected access (WPA), and MAC address filtering.

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22 Replies to “Install and Secure a Wireless Access Point (WAP) Part 1 of 2”

  1. Need some help. My apartment has free wifi for everyone (community wifi). I am wanting to connect an old router I have to the community wifi network and use my personal router as the connection for all of my devices. Can I do this without running a cable from the communities router to my personal router? Basically wanting to create my own network through the community network.

  2. I do not like the idea of using wireless because of the security issues and my low(10 down 1 up)internet speed. I cannot stand it being any slower. My ISP said I have to use my wireless router,something to do with my non-wireless router using too many IP addresses. Today I noticed the wireless light lit up so someone was connected without my permission. Instead of learning all the settings and such which are seldom needed I took the case apart and cut the wires going to the twin antennas. I saw no easier way to disconnect or remove them and the tiny bit of wire I left on the board plainly marks where to resolder if I ever want to. My internet is back to it's normal speed and the wireless icon is not lit. It's only been about an hour now but it seems to have done the job. I suppose it may still put out a signal but with luck it is greatly reduced in range and the thief would have to come in and sit in my lap to recieve it,,,then I have the worthless POS right where I can strangle the life out of them! LOL,anyway,so far so good,low tech solution is working.

  3. If you want to set WRT 54 GL for WDS
    You can check out this video,

    which will be set up.
    Then have a trial run to see. Operation after setting

  4. Well I have my AP (LevelOne WAP-6003) working for the LAN but not for the internet. DHCP from the router works fine, it just won't route internet any access.

  5. I have a wireless NetGear router setup as an AP for my wireless Linksys router. Does the AP have to physically wired into a LAN port to have internet access?

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