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Unlocked Bootloader


Nexus USB Drivers:
– Tutorial on installing drivers:


Android SDK Command Line Tools:

Direct link to platform-tools (latest):


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28 Replies to “Install Android Platform Tools (adb & fastboot) on Windows”

  1. OMG, I´ve been watching 100 videos, because i could´nt run adb commands even when i had all the drivers etc, thank u so much, if i could i would give u thousands likes

  2. If you use Windows 8 the path variable will be just a large text file in one line. Just add:
    ";[location]platform-tools" where [location] is the C: and so on

  3. Hi , I am having issues with Fastboot not returning anything after a "Fastboot Devices" Command although I have been using it for 6 months following your other videos , so I decided to do this Tutorial too and "fix" things , I have not install the SDK or JDK previously (not sure if that's why different from video?) but I think something has changed…. the JDK installs fine ( tried it in default location and on my Data HD (vs SSD) but I can not get the SDK to install with android.bat. If I open a CMD window instead of clicking on the .bat file and Run it I am given a list of available commands, so I tried "Android update sdk" but it errors out eventually telling me it can't move the target and to move it away manually. So beng stumped on this I just got the Platform tools directly from your link and installed them and have added the Folder to the Path as described and "adb version" works fine but the "fastboot devices" command just returns me to the Prompt still. Any Ideas??? Thanks.

    Edit : I have ended up Following your Video on the July update and Using Flashfire instead… that went perfectly thanks, would still like to fix the fastboot problem if I can though. that video is here for Others:

  4. hey bro, everything is ok in my pc. bt i can't fine cmd in right click option. its shows power sheel window. how can i change it ??

  5. Pretty cool.
    So if i've downloaded platform-tools from the direct link you provided, i can skip installing of JDK?
    Thanks for another helpful video!

  6. Guys when i click on andoroid.bat, a command prompt is seen very briefly and then exits automatically,
    what could be the problem? I run on windows 8

  7. For some reason i dotn get the open command prompt here to work? what could have gone wrong that i havent noticed?

  8. Hey have a small issue with my Nexus 6p…I'm having an error recently with the settings option where whenever I access APPS in settings menu…it loads for a while and then closes automatically giving an error .."settings has stopped". This keeps popping up all the time now…I heard that by using ADB I could access command shell and clear the settings without doing on the device…which would clear the issue..but I did this and still the problem persists…any other way on how to solve this issue…feedback will be appreciated..thanks in advance.. !!!!!

  9. I'll continue tomorrow. Have to sleep. I'll let you know if I finished it. Thank you so much. Your videos are very well done. Your good kid.

  10. I turned off all my anti virus and still nothing. I tried extracting just the adroid.bat and ones i do it becomes just the android file. Im also missing the Android SDK manager but i dont think this has anything to do with not being able to extract this tool file. Everything was going good until that point. Is so weird.

  11. Can anyone help me? Ones i extracted the Tools folder and i go into the tools folder i dont see the adroid.bat. Is it that im missing something? Do i have to download something else before i do this steps in this video? Thank you.

  12. hi boss

    i am trying to download SDK but after all done its cant show me the android.bat and just showing me the android only and
    isn't working as your showing in video.just simple is that its giving me bugs.
    here i mentioning the one thing i already install latest_usb_driver_windows.
    i am requesting for he me out in this situation .

  13. hot Questions..
    pls do reply!!

    1.can I flash IMG file of pixel on my 6p ??

    2. how to make 6p use VoLTE??


  14. Nice with a blank/ single color wallpaper it feels more
    professional and i like the color choice too! 🙂

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