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In this video, I will show you how to setup fastboot and adb on your Windows PC and then give you a basic tutorial on how to use the commands for fastboot and adb.

Ask any questions in the comments sections.

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20 Replies to “Install FASTBOOT and ADB on Windows PC: Full Setup & Commands Tutorial”

  1. This wouldn't work if usb debugging is off right? And if i cant get passed google lock i cant allow usb debugging and if i cant allow, i cant root right?

  2. i need to fix my htc one on sleep mood
    wen its sleeps it does not come on again untill i restart it

  3. in cmd window i enterd adb reboot bootloader i did not get any thing on my phone…what i do now??help me …i cant access bootloader for change to android L… phonw is xperia m dual

  4. thanks nice video can you help me to get the stock image for sm-t535 lte I need to flsh it  and I have to reset the counter I have 2 times its shows up there triangle wont work on mine so I think your method will clear all

  5. Android SDK Bundle has been replaced by Android Studio. Video showing new steps to grab fastboot and adb released:

  6. When i was gonna finnish the installation the phone rebooted and got stuck on the white boot screen, "HTC One beataudiot" I tried to reset phone to factory and now it wont start pls help. how can i make the pc to recognize my device ? it is an htc one x 32gb. can some body help out pls

  7. Thank you so much I was stuck in fastboot mode and was trying to fix it and this helped me find out if was a buged kernel and then fixed the error by getting the stock kernel thanks a lot your amazing.

  8. Nice video but what to do when my devices is not find?i heave no systeem on it.ongly in mount the pc find my devices?thx 

  9. when i do your method
    it show like this
    when I type adb devices its shows
    list of devices attached
    thats all what can i do

  10. When I do Shift + right click, mine doesn't show Catalyst control Center at the top and I don't have an option for Open Command Window here!?!?! someone please help!

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