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In this video, I show you how to easily install Google Play Store on the all-new Amazon Fire Hd 10 2019 version and it does not require a PC or ROOT.
This is actually a great budget tablet but it does need some help in the amazon app department but luckily we can install the full version of the GOOGLE PLAY Store so we can download thousands of games and apps! Make sure you install the 4 apps in the correct order listed.

Buy the fire HD 10 Here:

1.Google Account Manager:

2.Google Services Framework 9:

3.Google Play services:

4.Google Play Store:

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Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
Flirc Case:

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!


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27 Replies to “Install Google Play All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 2019 – NO PC NO ROOT”

  1. In the narrative for the 3rd file, you say 10.5.30; however, the video shows 19.5.30. Is it 10.5.30 or 19.5.30?

  2. Tried doing this and ran into a snag on the very first step. It wants me to create an account. What's up with that?

  3. Thanks a lot, my friend. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. I already have Google Play App in my Fire HD 10 and can get all the Android Apps I need.

  4. Parse error happens on amazon fire hd 10 7th generation tablets. check your version number in the settings before attempting this. Can confirm this WORKS on Amazon fire HD 10 9th generation but doesnt work on 7th.

  5. Dang there is a ton of comments of people struggling to get this working and it’s not like they’re updating their comments saying it is running now… ahhhhh what to do, what to buy!

  6. When I get to the 3rd link "Play services" I hit install but it keeps saying "App not installed" I cant get around it, any suggestions?

  7. Worked like a charm. Thank you very much. Had an issue of my own making…watch for ads that will redirect you to another site to "verify your account with your credit card." Hate those things.

  8. Thank you very much believe it or not, im new to all of this everything is hard. But you find a way to make it so easy, never needed to ask someone to do it for me. An it work so please it when well, im a dummy went it come to computer. Got the kindle cause i heard kids are able to use it, until now not so bad it help having video like yours. But with you it went really great hope, you put more trick easy ways to use my kindle.

  9. It said new versions were available but I wasn’t sure which to use so I stuck with these and it works perfectly. Thanks.

  10. I did this and it worked but I had to make a new account to get it to login, I want my main account because I have a lot of games I bought and want to play them. Does anyone know why it won't work with my account?

  11. This thing is on sale for $109.99 for the version with Special Offers, amazing price for this tablet, I just bought one!

  12. Thank you, got the Fire 10 yesterday evening and added Youtube apps this morning. Got a $32.00 credit for returning my Fire 7, hope the 10 is as reliable.

  13. THANK YOU!!! I have to leave a comment to show some appreciation. I tried several other resources but ONLY the apk files provided in this video work.

  14. ¡Hola¡

    Wow después de buscar y buscar por fin encontré la que funcionó, muchas gracias, me has ayudado bastante.

    ANÉCDOTA: Compré la Tableta Fire HD 10 de 9na. Generación, el día 24 de Enero; y la tengo en mis manos desde el día 30. Sin embargo, hoy me dio por buscar una alternativa para poder instalar cualquier APK en ella, ya que probé instalar el Google Play desde un respaldo de App que tenía, pero no se abría y lo dejé así hasta hoy.

    Busqué y descargué algunos archivos que vi en algunas Web que dicen ser necesarios; y probé varias versiones pero ningunas funcionan.

    Gracias nueva vez y que Dios te bendiga.

    Gracias por tu tiempo.

    Gracia y Paz.

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