Install Stock Rom On Asus Zenfone 2

Hello Friends, Welcome Back to my Another video.
As we know Asus is finally launching its Marshmallow to their phones. So if you have flashed your phone with custom rom and you want to come back to the stock rom. And also want to replace the TWRP or CWM Recovery with stock recovery. This Video is going to help You a lot.

Links to Download

ADB Setup



Note: Z008 is For ZE550ML users and Z00A is For ZE551ML users.


fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img

I have used Wondershare Filmora for editing and Mirillis Action Video recorder to record the tutorial. And Nokia Lumia 625 to record the phone’s screen.

Android Re-Discovered


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  • please send me file zip. to
    fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash system system.img

  • hey hello, I have a problem with my phone , it was doing the "ghost touch" , before replacing the touch I tried to do wipe the cache because the issue was randomly, anyways , while I was doing wipe the cache my little nephew turned it off and it only boots to an error screen, I tried to do your solution but in the DOS screen I get a message Failed permission denied , I guess it was becuase it didnt have either the debugging on or advanced reboot , is there ny other way to over write the image ?

  • Perfect, it works for me, the 2 card slot wasn't recognized after installing customs roms and even with an other official flash and everything turn good with this one,
    Thank you !

  • after i type fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img its only appears waiting for device.please help.already connect handphone to lptop.

  • hey… i followed all your steps, all commands were successfully flashed but when you asked to plug off the cable restart the phone, the fastboot mode appers and when i am trying to go to the recovery mode the phone restarts and again it comes to the fastboot mode… PLEASE HELP!!!

  • mine 551,…..each time sends message of max download size of 536870912 …so not all files are transferred, what is wrong with mine?

  • help me :

    target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
    sending 'fastboot' (14824 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.664s]
    writing 'fastboot'…
    FAILED (remote: Permission denied
    finished. total time: 0.814s

  • I have this firmware on my ze550ml : WW_4.21.40.156_20161028. Where can I find a compatible stock recovery? Thank you

  • rapaz pfv so voce pra me ajudar , meu zenfone 2 laser , nao inicia , ja tentei reinstalar outra rom ou stock , mas nao consigo , modelo ze550kl me ajuda ?

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I followed it to the end. However, when restarting the phone, I run into boot loop. I cannot enter into recovery or boot loader (Power + Vol Up and Power + Vol Down both do NOT work). What can I do?

  • Hello. I make all the thing on your video. I had all message with everything is OK.
    But then i restart my phone, it stay on asus screen and after 30 secondes it restart.
    Please help me…Thanks

  • Hello! I followed all of the steps of this tutorial and I just factory reset my phone. Now my Zenfone 2 is back to stock ROM! Thanks your tutorial is very helpful!
    I have a question.. this ROM is rooted right? So after I unroot, does it mean I can get OTA update?

  • hey, my phone is bricked! somebody help!!!! it's keep on doing the 'reboot loop' and I couldn't boot into the bootloader!!!!!

  • target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
    error: cannot load 'system.img': No error
    Can you help me please? Now Im stuck at Bootloader..
    EDIT: Now my phone completely died, its not turning on..

  • Followed every step. Process was smooth , have patience because it takes time in that last line. Also its better to use the command fastboot reboot instead of unplugging the phone and it will boot into the OS.

  • When the installation completes the phone restarts in bootloader and if I choose to btoo tin recovery mode it boots in bootloader again. PLEASE HELP!

  • Hey 🙂 thanks for the tutorial do you happen to be working on the ROM that's rooted for Marshmallow since there's already an update?

  • I follow your step completely but when I normal boot my phone it return to bootloader again , try many time still the same

  • Im doing it right now and at the 4th sending sparse system, 13 minutes have already pass. Is it too long o no? Ze551ml

  • Hi! First of all, thanks for the video. It's very illustrative.
    I'm having a problem because I wanted the following version: UL-Z00A-JP- So I downloaded it from asus webpage.
    When I'm on CMD, the first 3 code lines work but the fourth doesn't. It says "device not found".
    Do you have any idea? I tryed lots of things

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